What to Expect when Refinishing Hardwood Floors While Living in Your Fairfax Station, VA House

If your hardwood floors have scratches, divots, and has begun losing its top finish, then it comes as no surprise that you need your floors refinished. Signs that your hardwood floors need to be refinished are easy to see but finding a good contractor and properly preparing your home to have your floor refinished may not be as simple. There is a lot to do when you need your hardwood floors refinished, Mike’s Custom Flooring will share what steps to take to ensure you get quality service.

Finding a Hardwood Floor Refinishing Contractor

The contractor matters. You will want an experienced contractor that has all the proper licensing. When you begin your search for a contractor, start by asking friends, co-workers, and family if they know any and can recommend a good contractor to refinish your home’s hardwood floor. Positive personal experience is often the best way to find a quality contractor. However, you can seek other resources. There are a ton of online resources that have reviews, testimonies and ratings. When looking online you can find websites that allow you to ask questions. All of these may help you determine which service to use. When you need to find a contractor, make sure to find those with positive reviews and who provides plenty of information.

Scheduling with a Company that Offers Hardwood Floor Refinishes

When you find a contractor you like, you will need to schedule a date for them to come. They will want to come and measure the size of the flooring and discuss the basics such as time, what finish you will want and other areas of concern. Afterward they will be able to provide a proper estimate of cost as well as the time it will take to complete the project. When scheduling their service, make sure you or another responsible party member can be there in the event the contractor discovers additional problems.

Refinishing Floors While Living in the House

After you have a scheduled a date, you will want to begin moving furniture and other items on the floor out of the room a day before the contractor arrives. To make sure you get a quality services, the entire floor will need to be bare. This way the contractor can properly refinish the floor. Each contractor varies on how they refinish the wood. Mike’s Custom Flooring prefers the method of dustless sanding and refinishing. The dustless method helps cut down dramatically on the amount of saw dust. During the sanding process the floor is sanded down three times, each time using a finer grit to smooth the surface of the wood. The wood is then refinished by staining and then resealing the wood. The homeowner has the option of choosing a new color stain or staining the wood the same color as before. The wood is then sealed to prevent moisture and scratch damage. Any additional preparation steps may be requested by the contractor. However, in most cases the floor will just need to be bare.

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After having your hardwood floor refinished you can fully enjoy your hardwood floor. Hardwood floors can often be refinished 3 to 4 times, depending on the wood used. They can go anywhere from 5 to 10 between refinishes. If you need a quality contractor to refinish your hardwood floors, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today.

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