When Should You Refinish Hardwood Floors in Wakefield, VA? Wood Flooring Looks Bad & More

For those who have hardwood floors in your home, you may often wonder when or how often you should have the floors refinished. Refinishing is an important part of maintaining and extending the life of your hardwood floors. You do not want to refinish the flooring too soon and you don’t want to wait too long where the flooring begins to develop major problems. As it can be hard to determine when you should have your hardwood floors refinished, as exposure greatly varies from each household, there are some signs to look for. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share some of the common signs that can help you know if it is time to refinish your hardwood floors.

Do Your Hardwood Floors Look Bad?

Often you know you need to have your hardwood floors refinished when they look bad. When you clean your hardwood floor and they still look dingy and dull, this is a common sign that your hardwood floor is in need of care. When the hardwood floor looks worn that is because it is. However, hardwood floors are durable and they have the option of being refinished. The surface of the hardwood is slightly sanded down, revealing a fresh surface of the wood. The wood is sealed and protected and all of the dents and damage are cleared away. When your hardwood floor simply looks bad and no amount of cleaning can revive your floors, it is time to have them refinished.

How Do You Tell if Hardwood Floors Need to Be Sealed?

The hardwood’s sealer is very important in protecting the hardwood floor’s longevity. When the sealer becomes worn down, the surface of the floor is very vulnerable to damage, mold, and degrading. You always want to preserve the floor’s sealers. If you have concerns that your sealer is wearing down, you can test the hardwood floor’s surface. This is a very simple test. You simply need to get a teaspoon of water and pour it on the surface of the floor. If the water is absorbed into the wood, the sealer is no longer protecting your floors. If the water was absorbed into the wood, it is time to have the hardwood floors refinished.

How Long Does a Refinished Floor Last?

Do you remember the last time you had your hardwood floor refinished? It is often recommended that you have your hardwood floors refinished about every eight to twelve years. Hardwood floors need to be maintained and properly cared for. Refinishing a hardwood floor is a major part of the flooring’s care and needs to be done to extend the life of the hardwood floors. If it has been ten to fifteen years since the last time you had your hardwood floors refinished, it is time to give your floor some attention.

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Refinishing hardwood floors isn’t a simple task. It can be very hard work and often requires the proper refinishing techniques. If you find you need your hardwood floor refinished, contact the professionals. We provide dustless floor sanding and refinishing services and much more. To schedule our services, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today.

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