White Oak Hardwood Floor Types & Staining Trends in Round Hill, VA; Standard, Rifted & Character Grade Cut

When you are ready to make a change to your hardwood floors you may want to look at the newest trends. The trends change every few years and it is great to see what is in style. Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home and are really a timeless flooring style. You can’t go wrong with hardwood but there is a new trend that is becoming more and more sought after in the hardwood floor market. Oak Hardwood Floors are a huge part of all the orders that are met for flooring options in the United States. Red oak hardwood is the majority of what people choose because of the beautiful look and color but a new kind of oak is starting to take off. White Oak Hardwood Floors are a different look and feel and seem to be taking off in what people want installed in their homes.

Mike’s Custom Flooring Lists White Oak Hardwood Floor Options & Why They Are A Great Hardwood Floor Installation Option.

Types Of White Oak Hardwood Flooring: White oak is a type of wood that is used to make planks that are made to install in homes as hardwood floors. The look of white oak is different from red oak because of the smoother and less aggressive lines. They are more linear and the streaks in them look much more modern than a red oak hardwood floor option. You can go with a standard white oak flooring or you can get a smoother option by asking for a rifted white oak. This will make a smoother look with more of the linear lines and will expand much less than a standard cut. If you want a vintage look and still get white oak you can use a character grade cut.
Staining White Oak Floors: The great thing about the newest trends in hardwood floors is that people want a different color stain. The standard dark stain or even the natural look are out and grey or white stain are all the rage. A white oak floor will take better to these stains as opposed to some other hardwood options such as red oak. It has that nice clean look that makes the floor seem and feel much more modern.
What Are The Benefits Of White Oak Flooring: Do you have a house full of active kids, adults and pets? White oak floors are great for you! They have a great rating for durability and can withstand a little more roughing up than their more sought after red oak. They are also great for resisting stains and water damage that make it great for kitchens and bathrooms. They need to be treated and cleaned properly to ensure that they last and continue to look great. The color is really a huge reason that this type of oak is gaining steam. The white oak is perfect for staining in the more modern options like a whitewash or a grey tone.

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