Why it is Worth it to Refinish Hardwood Flooring in Stephens City, VA; Redoing Floors Increases Home Value

Having beautiful hardwood floors can say a lot about a person. Plus they make your home look fantastic. Having gorgeous floors can really help improve and update your home. So, what are the benefits of refinishing your hardwood floors vs just getting new floors? Mikes Custom Flooring wants to help you understand the benefits of refinishing so you can make the best choice for you.

Does Redoing Floors Increase Home Value?

Having beautiful floors can not only have you loving your house and your floors every time you come home, but it will also have your guests in awe about the floor. When you have refinished flooring, this can help increase the value of your home. If you are thinking of selling anytime soon, then you should consider refinishing your hardwood floors. This way you can get more money for your home and possibly even sell it faster.

Can I Save Money on Hardwood Floors?

Do you have damaged hardwood floors? If so, are you trying to figure out what is the best approach? Do you just replace your flooring or do you get your floors refinished? When it comes to any type of flooring that needs to be done, both can be expensive, especially if your hardwood floor is damaged. But it is still cheaper to refinish your hardwood than it is to replace it.

Bad Flooring Can Be Harmful

When you have hardwood floors that are damaged, you probably already know that they do not look the best when you or a guest comes into your house. Not only that, but they can be dangerous. If your floors are so damaged that the wood is exposed enough that slivers are on your floor then that is not safe. When you are walking in your house barefoot you can end up getting those painful slivers in your foot.

Pests Love Damaged Hardwood Floors

If you have damaged floors then they are not protected like a wood floor that has been finished. With a damaged floor they will have craters and crevices that pests such as termites, ants, and other pests will make their home and infest your wood. You should get your floors refinished just to keep the pest away and your home safe.

Sand Without Getting Dust Everywhere

If you are considering getting your hardwood floors refinished, but have a few concerns, such as the dust that will get in the air, we have a solution for you. We know that dust can be dangerous and can cause respiratory problems when you breathe it in. Don’t worry, the sanding we do is dustless sanding. When we sand we use an automatic dust containment system. This is a vacuum that will suck up the dust when sanding and take it outside and store it. Making your home safe when you are getting your floor refinished.

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If you are ready or considering getting your floors redone then give Mikes Custom Flooring a call. They will be glad to explain the process and help give you the floors you want.

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