Acacia Hardwood Flooring Installation Pros & Cons in Bunker Hill, WV; Colors, Patterns, Scratch Resistant & More

Are you deciding to install hardwood floors in your home? Hardwood floors are an excellent investment with many choices of flooring that can help enhance your home. With many species of wood to choose from Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to shine the spotlight on acacia Hardwood flooring, give you the pros and cons and tell you why so many homeowners are choosing this type of flooring to install in their home.

What is Hardwood Acacia?

Acacia wood is a unique species of tree found in Africa, Asia, and in Australia. The wood of Acacia trees is very dense, which makes it mold and even fire resistant. Acacia wood was first used for furniture and musical instruments. Acacia wood has wide grain features and unique patterns and knots with a diverse light reddish and dark brown colors. Like any other hardwood flooring, Acacia trees vary in texture, width and installation methods. Acacia comes in both solid (hardwood) or engineered structures. Engineered wood floors are not solid planks of wood but rather they are layered with the top being the wood which is coated with a protective sealer. All wood species, including acacia hardwood floors, has its own set of pros and cons.

Advantages of Acacia Wood Flooring

Acacia hardwood floors come in many colors and diverse patterns, providing the homeowner with plenty of choices. The acacia wood is stained a variety of colors. This means that the buyer has plenty of color options. In addition, the wood can be refinished and stained a new color if desired. The acacia wood is very dense which makes it more resistant to impact damage. They are more scratch resistant and are less affected by moisture as well. The Acacia wood can go longer between refinishing and is easily maintained. Acacia wood floors can last longer than other species of wood and works well when in high traffic homes. The cost of Acacia wood floors falls in the mid-range price, thus making it an affordable option.

Disadvantages of Acacia Hardwood Floor

Acacia trees are a shorter specie of tree, which only allows for four foot planks to be cut for wood flooring, Once the wood dries, the planks shrink making for shorter planks. This requires more planks to be used during installation. The more planks used the longer and harder the installation process is. For some homeowners having more planks, especially in a large room, can make the floor look too busy. Acacia floors are better suited in smaller rooms and give it a more rustic look. For some customers, Acacia wood floors fit the bill perfectly while other people may be looking for a wood floor for larger spaces and want a modern looking floor. Acacia wood can continue to shrink after installation, so to prevent shrinkage and leaving large spaces between planks, the home should maintain a 35% to 55% humidity throughout the year.

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When shopping for hardwood floors you will have plenty of wood species and varieties to choose from. Acacia is only one of the hardwood species available. For more advice about hardwood flooring, call Mike’s Hardwood Flooring.

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