What Should I Set My Humidity Level to in Vienna, VA? How Moisture Levels Affect Hardwood Floors & More

Hardwood floors are a major investment that enhances the home’s charm and comfort. As many homeowners are committed to cleaning and caring for their wood floors, many are not aware of the damages that humidity can do to the floor. Improper humidity levels can have many effects on the wood, which can cause separation, cupping, or bulging. A major part of hardwood floor care is managing proper indoor humidity levels. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share how to monitor and manage the humidity inside your home for proper hardwood floor care.

How Humidity Levels Affect Hardwood Floors?

It is important to know how humidity can affect hardwood floors. Humidity supplies plenty of moisture in the air that will be absorbed by the wood. Too much or too little moisture has its effects on the wood. Moisture can cause the wood to expand and contract as moisture and temperatures change. If the wood expands the edges will cup or bubble upwards. When the wood contracts in the planks, they will separate causing gaps in the floors. Too little moisture can cause the wood to dry out which leads to cracks and splintering. Essentially, humidity has a major impact on the wood which is why it is essential to know the humidity needs of your wood floor.

What is a Good Humidity Meter?

To manage humidity inside your home, start with the right humidity meter. You will find many humidity meters on the market. When buying a meter it is important to get one that is accurate. You may need to look through reviews. Make sure you get one that has good reviews and that is reliable and has accurate measurements.

Sub-Floor Preparation for Hardwood Floors

If you’re looking to install hardwood floors, make sure to properly prepare the sub-floor. Concrete sub-floors and even wood sub-floors can hold moisture and effect the wood during and after installation. In most cases, a professional installer can inspect the sub-floor and determine if and how to prepare the sub-floor before the wood in installed.

Know what Moisture Level is Acceptable in Wood

Each type or species of wood is effected by humidity differently. Some wood requires different levels of humidity. Some do better with little humidity while others do better with higher levels. Installers or purchasers should know. If not, look up the manufactures information. Often they will provide basic information about the humidity requirements and control needs.

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If you’re not sure what humidity levels are needed for your hardwood floor type, seek professional help. Some hardwood flooring experts provide humidity measurement services and can help determine what levels of humidity are needed. Depending on the region where you live you may need a humidifier or dehumidifier machine to help control the humidity levels inside your home. In the Virginia and West Virginia areas, we often need to reduce humidity. However, some wood species require high levels to prevent warping or shrinking. It can be hard to know what level of humidity you may need inside your home, which is why it is recommended to seek professional advice. Most providers or installers can help. If you’re just installing a floor for the first time make sure to ask about what humidity level is proper for the types of wood you are installing in your home. For quality hardwood flooring care and installation services, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring and begin consultation for your hardwood floors today.

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