Advantages & Disadvantages of Hand Scraped Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring in Stephens City, VA

There are many types of hardwood flooring and there’s one that seems to be gaining popularity. Wire brushed hardwood flooring came on the scene about five years ago. These floors weren’t very popular then but have become more and more popular the few years.

Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring Advantages

When wood floors are wire brushed, the planks are brushed with a hard-bristled brush. The hard bristles of the rotary brush will pull the soft grain from the growth ring of the wood and expose the heartwood. This emphasizes the wood grain and creates more texture and character. The appearance looks weathered and is sometimes referred to as the “European” look. This flooring can provide a more traditional appearance. There is a trend in the installation of these floors. The rustic, natural look can be created with, distressed wood, reclaimed wood and hand scraped wood. These floors have a tactile feel to them and the depth of the texture will vary depending on how light or heavy the brushing is. Light brushing will produce a small amount of texture and heavy brushing will produce deeper texture. The surface of wire brushed wood floors becomes stronger when the softer wood is removed, exposing the hard wood. The surface also has more texture and makes the floor less slippery because the surface is rougher. It can also handle more wear and tear because it’s harder. Homes with kids, pets and lots of foot traffic are ideal for wire-brushed flooring because new scratches will blend right in!

Disadvantages of Textured Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring

Some lacquered finishes can seem plastic and have a shiny appearance. Brushed on oil can avoid this look or they can be sanded finely and treated with a matte oil. While they may be less slippery, the slip resistance will depend on the product that is used when treating it. These floors are more difficult to clean as the textured finish will collect more dirt and debris. This can’t be removed by just wiping the surface like it would be with a smoother finish. Smoother finishes don’t always mean you’ll have that shiny, plastic look, it simply means sanded finely and smooth to the touch. Another drawback with this flooring is if you need to sand a portion of it. If you sand an area of the floor it won’t match the rest of the floor. These floors can look un-natural as they are man made and can be done incorrectly. The sample patches can only be use as a guide because the final result throughout your home may look much different. To get a better idea as to how the entire floor will look you should see as large a sample as possible or ask to see pictures of the product installed in a home before making your choice.

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If you’re looking for a durable floor that will also add some character, then consider wire brushed flooring. If you have questions about wire brushed flooring or any other hardwood flooring, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring. We have all the answers you need!

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