DIY Hardwood Floor Sanding Mistakes in Kernstown, VA; Drum Sander Chatter Marks, Wood Dust & More

Solid hardwood floors are an investment like no other wood floor option. With the beauty, charm and sophistication it adds to nearly any room, the versatility of options can really make any room customized to your unique tastes and personality characteristics. Wood floors also increase a home’s value and the overall aesthetics is incredible. Though there are several options when it comes to hardwood flooring, many homeowners opt for solid hardwood floors because it gives them the option down the road to refinish the surface and alter the color to keep up with trends or personal evolution in tastes. A major part of the refinishing and often when the floor needs repairs is the sanding process. Some homeowners take this project upon themselves when they have little to no experience with it. Not only can acquiring the important tools and equipment be expensive, but there are also negative impacts that you can encounter. At this time, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share just a few major examples of the dangers of DIY wood floor sanding.

Common DIY Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing Mistakes

1) Hardwood Floor Drum Sander Chatter Marks. A powerful piece of equipment is the drum sander. Using the sander for too long in any given area can make the floor uneven, resulting in some mild to even severe issues. In some instances, you can cause enough damage that your refinishing project has evolved into a total floor replacement. The speed of the sander and constant movement is essential in sanding down the hardwood floor. Consistency plays a major role as too slow runs the risk of staying in one place for too long where if you go too fast you can easily overlook spots throughout the floor. To ensure the outcome is smooth and even as well as to avoid costly mistakes, a professional is a much better option.
2) Wood Dust from Sanding. A good, quality sander will collect the majority of the dust created during the project. However, the remaining dust, or even the bulk of the dust created if a sander was used that didn’t step up to the task of extracting the dust as it was made, gets everywhere. The dust will spread all over the floor’s surface and be introduced into the HVAC system where particles will blow around. Not only will the dust all over the floor cause blemishes on the floor if not properly removed, but those with sensitive respiratory systems could feel some negative effects.
3) Walking on Freshly Stained Floors. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when it comes to the DIY refinishing is no allowing enough time to let the finish dry. Some give it a touch test after an hour, and though it may feel dry, they think the floor is ready to resume furnishing and daily traffic. The finish needs adequate time to dry. Be sure to read the labels directions and follow the instructions. If the weather is sunny and dry, consider opening the windows and flip on the ceiling fans if possible.

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DIY sanding and refinishing can cost homeowners more in the long run both financially and in time. Investing in professional refinishing services is far more beneficial. With the expertise and training a skilled artisan can get your project done quickly and efficiently to ensure your project is of the high quality. With Mike’s Custom Flooring performing your refinishing services, we can make certain it is done correctly and make any repairs that are needed to make your hardwood floors flawless. Plus, we offer DUSTLESS floor sanding. Call us today to get started!

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