How Often Do Hardwood Floors Need to Be Sanded & Refinished in Sterling, VA?

Hardwood floors are a wise investment to any home. Wood floors add value to your home not to mention a durable and beautiful floor. Wood floors can last decades with the proper care and maintenance. Often wood floors will require refinishing and sealing to help extend the life of the wood. When your wood floor begins to show signs that it’s time to refinish them you don’t want to ignore your wood floor needs. For those who may not know what signs to look for, Mikes Custom Flooring will share what to look for so you know when it is time to refinish your hardwood floors.

When to Refinish Hardwood Floors

1. Worn Spots – In high traffic areas such as entry walls, hallways, sitting areas, and around kitchen sinks and such, is where worn spots occur first. These wear spots can look like faded wood, scratches or even dry wood. This occurs when the protective sealer gets worn off which leaves the wood exposed. Often the wood will begin to split and feel grainy. Once these wear spots occur it is time to refinish your wood floors.
2. Failed Water Testing – Another sign or test you can perform to see if your wood floors need to be refinished is the water test. Simply pour a small amount of water on an open spot of the wood floor. If smaller droplets pool on the wood, it indicates the sealer is still intact. However, if the water seeps into the wood within a short period of time, the protective sealer has worn away and the wood is no longer properly protected.
3. Deep Scratches – Since hardwood floors are exposed to foot traffic, thousand of micro scratches often occur. It is the deep or large scratches that are a sign of problems. When deep scratches appear in your floor it can expose the wood to water or dry damages. When multiple deep scratches occur, it is a sure sign that your wood floor needs to be refinished.
4. Discoloration – When hardwood floors are no longer protected with the sealer, often the wood becomes discolored. It becomes almost gray or yellowish in color. Wood can begin to fade or change colors for a number of reasons. One is sunlight; sunlight can fade unprotected wood and even begin to dry the wood out causing splinters. Another cause for discoloration is when the sealer wears away and the wood is left to the oil and dirt that builds up inside the grain of the wood.

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When wood floors lose their sealer, they can split, crack, spread, and become damaged and sometimes, beyond repair. It is important to maintain your wood floors and have them refinished when they show signs of the need. Refinishing floors is always best left to the professionals. There are many methods to refinishing a wood floor. Mikes Custom Flooring uses the dustless floor sanding refinishing method that can refinish and brighten up your floor and refinish without any mess. If you need your wood floors repaired, refinished, or you want new wood floors installed, contact Mikes Custom Flooring today.

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