Best & Worst Rooms for Hardwood Flooring Throughout Your Herndon, VA House

So many homeowners love the look and durability of hardwood floors. They are easily cared for and with proper maintenance, wood floors can last decades making hardwood floors a worthwhile investment for your home. However, there are some rooms in a home where hardwood floors should never be used. Mikes Custom Flooring would like to share today the best and worst rooms and areas in a home for hardwood floors.

Best Rooms for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Flooring Options in Living Room – One of the best rooms in a home for hardwood floors is the living room. Not only is it the heart of the home, but it is the place where we greet and entertain our guests. The room also expresses our taste and personality. For those who love the look of hardwood floors, the living is one room that is great to express your love for them. Additionally, living rooms may be one of the most active rooms in a home and is typically safe from moisture exposure. Also living rooms receive the most climate control which help prevents wood from expanding and contracting overly long.
Home Office Hardwood Flooring – Another great place for hardwood floors is a home office. Again, home offices receive the least amount of moisture exposure and irregular temperatures. The hardwood floors are easy to use an office chair on and provide a natural atmosphere that makes it more relaxing to work in.
Bedroom Wooden Flooring – Hardwood floors look great in larger spaces. Therefore, master bedrooms are an ideal place for hardwood floors. Not only can you fully appreciate the beauty of th wood floor but hardwood floors also add elegance and can make a room feel cozy.

Worst Rooms for Hardwood Floors

Cons of Wood Floor in Bathrooms – Bathrooms are the worst place to install hardwood floors in a home. Due to the frequent moisture and humidity in bathrooms, hardwood floors just don’t last. The natural enemy of wood is water or moisture. Too much for too long can cause wood to decay, crown, split or separate due to the constant expanding and contracting. It is not wroth the investment to install hardwood floors in bathrooms. For those who just love the look of hardwood floors in their bathroom, there are a variety of tiles that mimic wood floors. They look great and hold up inside bathrooms.
Laundry Room Hardwood Flooring – If bathrooms are the worst place for hardwood floors, the second worst place is the laundry room. For the same reasons as the bathroom, the laundry room frequently has high humidity and moisture. If water gets on the floor it will cause damage to the wood. Both laundry rooms and bathrooms also breed molds, fungus and mildews. Due to the nature of wood, it is the prefect breeding ground for these fungus and bacteria.

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If you want to put hardwood floors in hallways, entryways or other rooms such as the kitchen, hardwood floors can do moderately well. However, due to the high traffic in these rooms, hardwood floors would require more frequent refinishes and sealers than other rooms. If you want to install hardwood floors in your home, contact Mikes Custom Flooring. We can help you choose the right wood floor for your home. To begin installing your hardwood floors, contact Mikes Custom Flooring today.

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