Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation in Stephens City, VA

Those who want wood flooring in their home are faced with two options. One is to use solid pieces of wood which add a natural and authentic look and feel to your floors. The second option is to use engineered wood. The biggest question is what is the major difference of the two wood types and is one better then the other. As of now, the most popular choice of the two is engineered wood flooring. Mikes Custom Flooring will share why so many have begun using engineered wood and it benefits.

How is Engineered Wood Made?

Engineered wood is created by using various layers of materials, the very top being solid wood. The material to the different bottom layers are typically made of timber material such as MDF. Each of the engineered wood’s layers press together but run in different directions to increase each piece’s durability. Since the top layer is natural wood, why not just use solid wood pieces? There are a number of benefits of the engineered wood that isn’t found in solid pieces of wood. Some of these benefits include flexibility, it is durable, and is much easier and quicker to install. It is also easily repaired.

Engineered Wood Durability

One reason why engineered wood has become so popular is because it can be installed in some areas that are difficult or impossible to install solid wood. Solid wood is more sensitive to heat and moisture. Solid wood, when exposed to moisture and extreme temperature changes, will expand and contract which cause the wood to warp and split. Engineered wood is more resilient to both moisture and temperature. However, even engineered wood will eventually succumb to these conditions.

Engineered Wood Flooring Installation Methods

Some engineered wood use a snap or click in design or installation system. This feature makes installing engineered flooring much easier and quicker and doesn’t require nails or glues to hold the wood in place. This is another winning factor of engineered flooring. Engineered wood also comes in many different choices of grains, texture, and colors, so they give the homeowners plenty of choices.

Cleaning of Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wood is also easier to maintain. Solid or hardwood floors will eventually need stripping, sanding and refinishing to protect and maintain the look of the wood. Engineered wood doesn’t require refinishing to preserve the wood. Engineered wood does require that it be cleaned and cared for. This is easily done with a soft broom or dust mop and basic wood cleaners.

Engineered VS Solid Hardwood

Where engineered wood wins in many ways and is growing ever more popular, solid hardwood floors, if cared for properly, will endure much longer than engineered woods. Engineered wood over time will need to be replaced as it becomes damaged and worn down. Solid hardwood can be refinished and reused and lasts decades. Depending on the investment you want for your home will determine which wood floor type you prefer. Both types of wood floors are amazing and bring a unique beauty to your home.

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