Working with Rustic Reclaimed Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring for Installation in Inwood, VA

Watch any home improvement show and you’ll likely find that they are installing hardwood floors. Reclaimed hardwood flooring has become very popular. Very popular with people who are interested in an ecofriendly flooring option because reusing old wood and reclaimed hardwoods is a sustainable option but there are other reasons it’s a plus.

Benefits to Installing Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

• Using reclaimed hardwood flooring is a great option for sustainability. When installed in a property it qualifies for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification because it has used recycled materials. This means you’ve avoided depleting non-renewable resources and have kept good quality wood from ending up in landfills.
• Reclaimed wood has a unique and beautiful look. This is another reason it’s a popular choice. The colors will vary and will add character to your floor. The look will depend on the age and exposure of the wood.
• Using reclaimed wood also allows you to have wood in your home that is hard to come by. Today, many woods like American chestnut or longleaf pine can only be found as reclaimed wood.
• You have a unique history in your home when you use reclaimed wood not to mention some character. This history can make your flooring more valuable. You may even get a printed history of the wood you’ve chosen from the dealer.
• Reclaimed wood is old growth virgin wood and is stronger than new wood because it had hundreds of years to grow slowly in the shade or larger trees and was protected from the sun and rain. Newer wood is cut down much sooner with little time to grow and get strong. Older woods are also stronger because they weren’t exposed to the pollution that today’s wood is.
• Reclaimed wood is also more stable than newer wood. Hardwood floors react to moisture, humidity and temperature fluctuations more than reclaimed wood. This can cause contracting and warping. When you go with reclaimed wood you’re choosing wood that has been exposed to these fluctuations for hundreds of years. This makes it easier for them to be used with radiant heating systems will little affect.

Choosing a Reclaimed Hardwood Dealer

It’s important to use a reputable dealer when you decide you want to go with reclaimed hardwood flooring. Because it’s so popular you may fall victim to dealers that will try and pass off newer wood that looks like it’s authentic reclaimed wood. Experienced dealers can also properly identify the wood species of the reclaimed wood will never need to cut into the wood to determine what kind it is. Chose a dealer that carefully sources their reclaimed wood to avoid getting wood that has been treated or has come into contact with harmful chemicals. Also make sure you are getting reclaimed wood that has been kiln-baked to prevent bugs and other pests from living in it.

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