Benefits & Advantages of Installing Hardwood Flooring in Your Round Hill, VA Home

Hardwood floors have a tendency to be overlooked because they are initially more expensive than other kinds of flooring. There are so many rewards that will outweigh the initial added cost of installing them.

Benefits of Installing Hardwood Flooring

1. Hardwood floors possess a timeless appeal. Colors of carpet, tile and linoleum will go in and out of fashion. The appeal of hardwood has lasted for centuries and won’t be changing anytime soon as wood floors seem to be more popular than ever.
2. Hardwood floors can last for decades if they are of good quality. Carpet can be replaced every 5 or 6 years due to stains, holes or the worn look that comes from everyday wear and tear. Hardwood floors can look better as they age and all with minimal maintenance.
3. Hardwood floors are easier to clean than carpets. Wooden floors look great with a simple brush or a light vacuum. Children and pets can track in dirt and mud that can easily be cleaned up with a damp mop. This can’t be done with carpet.
4. Hardwood floors are cleaner than carpet. Hygiene is important and with the reports of parasites that can thrive in carpets, it’s scary! Allergen producing dust mites, fleas and dust are terrible for those that suffer with allergies and pets will make the problem worse. These particles have no place to hide in wood flooring.
5. Along with being more hygienic, hardwood floors don’t harbor the smells that carpet does. These unpleasant odors come from spills and pets. Your home will be more inviting after a simple polish is applied.
6. Hardwood floors are a great medium to install over floor heating and it’s a great way to efficiently heat your home.
7. Heavy wear and tear or some damage can start making your hardwood look dull. It’s very easy to remedy this with a simple sand and seal to make it look like new again. This is a lot less costly than totally replacing your carpet.
8. Hardwood floors aren’t just for the wealthy. The modern production methods have brought the price down, making them affordable to everyone. There’s hardwood flooring for any budget!
9. Tile flooring is hygienic and easy to maintain like wood but they just can’t match the warmth and feel that wood floors can.
10. Real estate agents will tell you that homes with hardwood floors sell twice as easily compared to those with other types of flooring. This makes it easy to see the added value that installing wood floors will bring to your home.

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There are more benefits to having hardwood floors in your home than any other kind of flooring. Yes, it might cost more upfront, but without a doubt, in the long run, it makes economic sense to have them installed. It’s important to carefully consider all your options when deciding on the floors you choose to put in your home. It’s an investment that will have an effect on your family’s health, your time, the way your home looks and the value of it. You won’t have any regrets when you install hardwood flooring in your home. Contact the professionals at Mike’s Custom Flooring for their expert advice and installation.

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