Oil VS Water Based Polyurethane Hardwood Floor Stain Finishes in Winchester, VA

For those that have just had hardwood flooring installed in their home, you may find yourselves at a crossroads between water and oil based finish. There are pros and cons to both just like with everything else, but Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to point out these pros and cons to help you make the best decisions as to what finish would work best in your home.

Benefits of Water Based Polyurethane for Floors

Water based polyurethanes have several benefits. If you love the natural appearance of your hardwood flooring, water based polyurethanes allow the natural beauty of the wood to shine through it. With water based finishes you don’t have to deal with strong odors either. When you choose water based finishes the dry time is extremely quick and you are able to add additional coats just two hours after applying the previous coat. This means you don’t have to give up your room for more than one day if you start working on it early in the day. Another consideration is clean up. Rather than harsh chemicals to clean it up, you can just use water which makes it an easy process.

Benefits of Oil Based Polyurethane Finish for Floors

When working with oil based finishes, you will find a rich amber color comes with them. If you have a light hardwood flooring like oak, it can deepen the color and add beauty. The odor is stronger with oil based finishes and it takes longer for it to dry completely, but oil based finishes are generally much cheaper than water based finishes. You will also find that oil based finishes are much more forgiving during the application process than water based finishes as well.

The Debate Over Which Polyurethane is Better for Hardwood Floors

There is a long-standing debate over which finish is harder. However, studies are showing that harder isn’t always better. Finishes that can adjust with the flooring will last longer. Harder finishes show scratches more easily. It doesn’t matter which finish you choose for your hardwood flooring. One fact rings true, removing harmful debris from its surface will prolong its life. Dirt and grit will damage your wood flooring no matter which finish you choose. When it comes down to it both water and oil based finishes have their benefits. You need to decide if you want the color of your floor altered or not. If you like the amber rich finish you get with oil based that will be your clear choice. For those looking for a more natural finish and love the natural beauty of their flooring, water based finishes will be the best choice.

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No matter what flooring finish you choose, the flooring professionals at Mike’s Custom Flooring can finish it for you. Unless you know what you are doing, it can be difficult to get an even finish on your hardwood floors. Whether you are refinishing old floors or finishing newly installed wood flooring, we can help you bring out optimal beauty in your flooring choice. Call us today!

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