How to Install Hardwood Floors in Round Hill, VA; Preparation, Installation, Finish & More

If you are even thinking about updating your floors to hardwood you should know what goes into the process. Some people think that the more you DIY the better but there are some things that should be left to the professionals. One of those things is the installation of hardwood floors. You can go online and watch a tutorial on what to do but if you have no experience it can be a real pain. Not only can you lose track of where you are in the process but you can make mistakes that can end up costing you. It is also more cost effective to just start with a professional from square one. When you get a list of the main steps that go into hardwood floor installation you may think twice about doing it all on your own.

Mike’s Custom Flooring Outlines the Main Steps That Go Into Installation of Brand New Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Installation Preparation: After you have gone through the process of choosing a hardwood floor option there is prep work. This means you have picked the material that you want and the size and color of the hardwood floor planks that you want. You have also talked about what flooring installation technique you want used. The preparation that needs to be done is key to getting the finished product looking great. Often times the floor needs to be stripped and checked for points of damage and weakness. You might also need to have the sub floors cleaned, dried and even sealed. You never want to skip this step or even try to speed through it. It is imperative to have the floors smooth and ready so that the installation can be done. The installer may also need to remove old flooring that is in the way and in bad shape. There are some hard floor options that can have hardwood laid over the top but most need to be removed.
Hardwood Floor Installation: The installation comes after the preparation is done. When you are having hardwood floors installed it needs to be done in a very particular order. This is to ensure that each piece is fit in place without leaving any gaps or spaces. The planks are measured and laid out so that it butts right up to the edge of the room. You often need to have new baseboard installed after the wood is in place. There are several ways to install hardwood floors such as glued down, nailed down and free floating. The kind of flooring that you choose might determine how it has to be installed. These each take a very specific skillset which is why you need to have a professional do the work for you.
Hardwood Floor Installation Finishing Touches: This is the step where the installer will take time to look at the floors. They may need to add some small filler or transition pieces. The hardwood floor will sometimes need to have special pieces that are used near a doorway or in between alternating floors.

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