Most Popular Gray Color Hardwood Floor Trends in Winchester, VA; Ebony, Weather Barn Board, Cinder & Monterey Grey Stains

The next trend in home design is gray stained hardwood floors. The color is a universal look and it goes well with modern, rustic and many other designs and themes. It is easy enough to hire a contractor to strip, sand, and refinish any hardwood floor in order to change its color and look. The hardest part is deciding on the shade or hue of gray to use on your floor. Mikes Custom Flooring will share the top gray tones used for hardwood floors.

Ebony Gray Hardwood Floors

Ebony Gray is a deeper and richer color gray that fits great with natural stone and is best used for outdoor decks or patios. However it best to avoid combining ebony gray with darker accents such as black railing or darker stones. Again, this stain is much better suited with lighter surrounding colors. Ebony gray is a little too dark for interior use and is best kept outdoors for that reason.

Weather Barn Board Grey Wood Floors

Another tone of gray that is more ideal for outdoor use that will also fit rustic interior design is the Weather Barn Board Grey. This shade of gray derives from a lighter shade of brown with a touch of gray hue. Mostly used on decks and patios as well as old country style homes to help lighten up their outdoor living spaces. Weather barn board can also be used indoors to help lighten up the home, especially when used with darker accents. However, this shade of gray has a rustic feel and produces an antique look. Therefore, it is not as diverse as some other shades of gray stain.

Cinder Gray Hardwood Flooring

Cinder is a darker shade of gray that produces a peaceful shade with an otherwise busy or bright counter part or accent colors. This shade of gray may seem a bit too dark in smaller rooms and is best used in larger interior rooms with lighter accents, or again for outdoor uses. This shade of gray goes well with colonial or Victorian design.

Monterey Gray Hardwood Floors

Monterey Gray is a common choice for homeowners to stain their hardwood floors due to its rich, yet lighter hue of gray. It is recommended that it be used with natural stones. However, the color gray is widely universal and looks great with many different design types. Monterey gray can be used on exterior floors as well as interiors floors.

Olympic Stain Colors

Ebony gray, Weather Barn Board, Cinder Gray, and Monterey Gray are Olympic featured stains. When looking for these stains and the name, keep in mind these hues are an Olympic product. However these colors aren’t limited to Olympic productions. You may just need to compare the title of these stains with other stain manufactures if you have an alternative preference.

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Additionally, you can seek the advice of Mike’s Custom Flooring as to what may fit your home’s interior or exterior hardwood flooring. We can refinish your floor and change its look with a fresh and new color stain. Whether you want to use the popular trend of gray tones or remain with more of the classic color stain, we can help renew your hardwood floor. Contact us today.

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