Staggered Wood Floor Planks In Random & Other Hardwood Floor Design Layout Patterns in Charles Town, WV

When you install hardwood floors in your home, it gives your home a classic and expensive look. Hardwood floors come in many colors and grain patterns. After you’ve decided you want hardwood floors in your home, you’ll need to decide on the pattern that fits the way you envision your flooring looking. There are many options that can create a unique look in any home.

Hardwood Floor Width Options

Random width hardwood floor planks. Hardwood boards with various widths are a good option for small spaces because using planks of varying lengths creates an illusion of a larger space. This also provides endless design options with alternating plank widths to no pattern at all.
Wide plank hardwood flooring. Wide hardwood planks that are at least 6 inches wide are a great option if your wanting to use reclaimed wood because lots of recycled materials, like old barns, can be turned into wide planks that will provide a lot of character.

Hardwood Floor Design Options

Herringbone Hardwood Floor Pattern. This design is a timeless and historic where the planks are alternated in zig-zag, 90-degree angles. This pattern gives large spaces exceptional elegance and aesthetic appeal. The herringbone pattern has been used in castles and palaces for centuries throughout Europe, so if you want to create a royal feel then this might be the pattern to choose.
Chevron Hardwood Floor Pattern. This design also includes diagonals. The difference is that the planks meet at a center line that creates V patterns. This pattern is a great way to create a sophisticated and relaxing feel.
Diagonal Hardwood Floor Pattern. These look a lot like the herringbone and chevron patterns. The planks are laid down diagonally and pull focus into the corners of the room. This works great to make a space feel larger than it is and this pattern is less common, so it’s a great way to add a unique look to your hardwood flooring.

Other Hardwood Floor Style Trends

Parquet wood flooring. Very popular in the 1960s and 1970s, this flooring pattern is unique because it uses multiple pieces or wood to get the look. These pieces can be multiple types as well and an artistic mosaic can be created because it uses geometric shapes. This look will be different in each home because the possibilities are endless.
Basket weave hardwood flooring. After these floors have been laid, it will look like a woven basket. The most common hardwoods used in this pattern are oak and maple but there are other options too. You don’t have to use this pattern throughout the entire home. You can use it in one area, like a living room, down a hallway or in an entryway.
Picture frame border. If you want to highlight certain areas in your home, you can lay down a picture frame pattern. These can be created with different materials that will provide a distinctive change between the highlighted area and the finished floor. Again, the possibilities are endless.
Hardwood floor inlays, medallions and borders. These patterns are used to add an even more unique look to your hardwood floors. These patterns can create custom focal points that will add more uniqueness to your floors.

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