Will Dog’s Nails Scratch Hardwood Floors in Round Hill, VA? Most Scratch Resistant & Pet Friendly Flooring

One of the most common problems that keep people from installing new hardwood floors is they have a dog. They think their four legged family member will be too much for the hardwood. The floors will not withstand the long scratching nails and the floors will look terrible. That is just not the case. A home that has dogs surely can have hardwood floors and continue to look great. Any type of flooring can be damaged when there are hard objects dragged on it. That includes carpets and of course hardwood. You can’t get away with no damage no matter what floor you choose. When you go for hardwood you want to take into consideration a few options that might make your dog and hardwood coexist.

Mike’s Custom Flooring Lists Things to Consider When Choosing a Hardwood Floor When You Have A Dog

What Hardwood Floor Color is Best for Dogs?: When you are looking at getting a hardwood floor and you have a dog you should look at what coloring would be best. You want to get a hardwood that is lighter in color and has some graining lines in it. This won’t actually stop the scratching from occurring from the dogs nails but it will help to hide the look of the gouges. This is also true when you are dealing with any kinds of scratches and or dents. Dark stains that cover the grain are one of the worst colors to get. The scratches will show up more predominantly the darker the wood floor.
What Hardwood Texture is Best?: The texture that you choose for your floors can be just as important as the color. If your goal is to hide the scratches and dents on your hardwood you want to also go with a particular type of texture. A hand, wire scraped floor or a distressed look is not only a more modern approach but it is a great way to hide any damage and scrapes.
Do You Have Acrylic Impregnated Wood Flooring?: When you have hardwood floors you most likely picked the type, color and texture. An area that you need to also be aware of is the amount of wear layers. The layers are added to the hardwood floors and is a great way to prevent some of the wear and tear. Most come with a standard wear layer and that can have some gaps and holes. These then lead to holes that lead straight to the wood. You want to find out about adding acrylic to the holes to cover them. This adds a layer of protection to your floors that can help to keep the scratches from getting to the wood.
Most Scratch Resistant Flooring Type: When you are looking into what hardwood you want you need to look at the hardness of the wood. You can choose from a huge array of woods from a very soft wood like American cherry or a hardwood floor like Brazilian. You want a hard wood that will be less likely to be scratched or dented.

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