How to Remove Ceramic Tile & Thinset from Concrete Floors in Winchester, VA to Prepare for Hardwood Floor Installation

Many are trading in their ceramic tile floor for wood floors. One of the first steps to the changing the floor is to remove the ceramic tile floor and prep it for the new wood floors. Removing ceramic tile is no easy task and can take some work and time. Those who have yet had the pleasure of undergoing such a task may not know what may be involved in removing the tile. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share how to remove ceramic floors easily and more efficiently to make this task less of a load.

Protective Gear for Ceramic Tile Removal

Before you begin demolition of the ceramic floor, you will want all the protective gear for this job. As it breaks, ceramic tile can cut you like glass. In addition, those tiny, small shards often go flying everywhere. Make sure you have long thick pants and a long sleeved shirt. Additionally, have gloves, eye gear, and ear protection when operating machinery. You will also find yourself on your knees a lot, so you may want a comfortable pair of knee pads.

Ceramic Tile Removal Tool Rental

There are many tools that are essential to removing ceramic tile. If you don’t have all the tools required for demolition, you can rent many of them. One of the tools you will want when removing ceramic tile is a heavy hammer to break up the tile. You will find a power scraper is ideal. This machine has a wide blade mounted on wheels that can be pushed along to help lift the tile and more. Most won’t have one of these on hand. No worries. You can rent them from most hardware stores. Another tool most will need to rent is an electric demolition chipper hammer. This tool looks like a jackhammer with a chisel tip used for smoothing up the floor after the tile has been removed.

Ceramic Tile Demolition

With protective gear and tools in hand, let’s begin to remove the tile floor. Look for a loose tile that may be a good starting point. If no tile pieces are loose, then it is time for the hammer. With all your protective gear on, smack the tile at the edge to break it up. Once there is an opening large enough to get a handheld scraper underneath the tile, lift it up. After one tile piece is lifted, the rest goes quicker. You can use the power scraper once enough room allows the machine to get under the tile and do its work. Try to avoid picking up the smaller pieces with your hand and when your dispose of the larger pieces, make sure to wear your gloves. You can use a push broom and a flat shovel to dispose of the small pieces. After the tile has been removed, you may discover some quick set left behind, making the floor uneven. This is where you will want the electric chipper hammer to work down and smooth out the floor. Once again, sweep up the quick set as well as the debris and mop it clean with plain water to remove the dust. Now your floor is ready for the installation of your new floor.

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Demolition and prep for wood floors for can not only be stressful, but and a whole lot of work and time. If you need help preparing and installing your new wood floor, Mike’s Custom Flooring can demolish your old ceramic tile floor, prep and install your new floor. If you find yourself in need of our services, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today.

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