Benefits of Hardwood Floor Installation in Winchester, VA; Cost, Quality, Warranty & More

Hardwood floors are always considered an upgrade. They are beautiful, elegant, and can fit into nearly any interior design motif. They increase a home’s market value and with a little care and diligent maintenance, wood floors can last decades. But the real dilemma comes with most who desire wood floors is to undertake the installation of the wood floors themselves or hire a professional. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to relate the benefits of hiring a professional to install your wood floor.

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

1) Versatility. There are more options surrounding wood floors than people realize; types of wood floors, method in laying it, manufacturing, and specific protocols on installing. Investing in a professional installation can help you choose the best type of wood flooring for your needs and the home’s day-to-day activities.
2) Cost Effective. If you are not experienced in the installation process of wood flooring, there is frequently a substantial amount of cost in wasted materials. There is a misconception that having a professional indicates you will spend a small fortune. The facts are that most spend more money in wasted materials, and other means that what it would cost to hire the professional to get the job done right.
3) Quality. Professional services installation results are far superior to that of amateurs. With the daily accumulation of experience, ongoing training and natural skills to apply their trade’s craft, the outcome is always top quality.
4) Exclusive Equipment, Tools & Products. Laying hardwood floors requires specific and specialty tools, equipment and products that professionals have readily available. If you do not already have these paraphernalia in your tool box, you are looking at an additional hefty bill to acquire them. Not only do you have to have them to ensure the job is done, but then you have to find a place to store them and let them collect dust.
5) Expertise. Installing wood flooring can pose many different problems as you go. If you are untrained on how to find solutions, you can have quite a few issues on your hands. A very common issue, for example, is uneven flooring surfaces, and with a professional equipped with advanced training, pre-treating floors according with supplies in his bag of tricks, is optimal than skipping the necessary process.
6) Warranty. For superior results, experience really does matter. In order for the warranty to be valid, the warranty often states that a professional must install the wood floor. You will know the floor was installed thoroughly and efficiently, giving you the peace of mind in addition to having the valid warranty. Keep in mind that if Grade A wood floor material is used, but the installation was poorly executed, or the end result less than desirable, the durability will not be high and the wear will be expedited and damage is likely.

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