Best Types of Hardwood Floor Wax Finishes in Round Hill, VA; Solid Paste or Liquid Oil?

Many homeowners will invest in hardwood floors in their home. With the proper care it can be an investment that will last decades. Typically you will see hardwood flooring in older homes but many modern homes will have them as well. Hardwood floors need to be waxed to maintain their protective coats and amazing shine. Mikes Custom Flooring will share the different types of waxes used on hardwood floors and how they are applied.

Types of Hardwood Floor Wax Products

Paste Wax – You can find a paste wax in any hard ware store with various brands that are all about equal. Hardwood floor waxes never contain any silicone, lemon oil, ammonia, bleach or tung oil, which all can damage hardwoods along with discoloring and staining them. When using paste wax you will need to use cheesecloth or white terry cloth to rub the paste wax onto the hardwood. When applying paste wax you will dip your cloth into the wax and rub the paste wax onto the hardwood plank in a circular motion for square or patterned hardwood flooring. You will want the wax to fully dry the designated time. This time should be on manufactures instructions. Once the floor is dry you can either buff the floor by hand using a dry buffing pad or use a dry-pad buffing machine.
Liquid Wax – Liquid waxes are one of the easier methods for waxing hardwood floors. Liquid waxes are easier mainly because they don’t require as much work and they are easier to spread evenly. However, don’t be tempted to use a mop or floor sponge to apply liquid wax. Use a terry cloth. Rub the liquid wax all over the entire floor as evenly as possible. Instead of using circular motions you’re going to use more linear motions and go with the grain of the wood. Buff the floor once the wax is dry. Once the wax is dry apply a second coat in the same way. After you have applied a second coat, buff the floors for the last time. Liquid waxes often need two coats to properly protect hardwood.

Hardwood Floor Waxing Do’s and Do Not’s

When waxing hardwood floors never use vinyl or linoleum waxes. The ingredients found in vinyl or linoleum wax will damage wood. Always follow the manufactures directions on the type or brand of wax you chose to use. Make sure to work your way out of the area you’re waxing and not into the corner. It won’t hurt the wax for you to walk on it but you could leave dirt behind if you do. It’s better to remove all of the furniture out of the area you’re waxing. Additionally, make sure the hardwood floors are thoroughly cleaned before waxing. When it comes time to buff the floors, always use a dry-pad or soft-pad buffing machine, or you can do it by hand. Never wax wood floors with a polyurethane or varnish finish. The wax can prevent future bond issues with finishes.

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