Best Flooring for Resale Value in Martinsburg, VA; Match Hardwood Floors to Cabinets & Other Fixtures & More

When you are looking or the perfect home to purchase, it is true that when you walk into a beautifully staged and updated home, you are more likely to purchase it. One of the aspects that can have a large impact on the overall appearance of a home is its flooring. Choosing the right flooring that will give you the best resale value can seem like a difficult choice to make. Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to talk about how you can go about choosing the right flooring for your home to make it appeal to the most buyers when you are ready to sell.

How Long Do You Plan to Live in House?

If you are thinking about what type of flooring will make the best impression on potential buyers, it is important that you first ask yourself this question, “How long am I planning on living in this house?” You need to be realistic about this question too. You shouldn’t give a quick answer, but really think about realistically how long you plan to live there. If you are planning on staying the house only a year or two, you will want to choose flooring that is both trendy and stylish. That is what will appeal to more buyers. Trendy flooring can truly give a fresh breath of air to an older home. However, if you are planning on living in the house at least for 5 years or even longer, you don’t have to think about this as much. Trends come and go so quickly, that it can be difficult to keep up with them. In that case, choose timeless.

Match Hardwood Floors to Household Fixtures

Look at your home before you choose your flooring. You want to look at things like your baseboards, cabinets and cupboards. Most designers will mention that they choose flooring that is a stark contrast to these other aspects of the home. That way all of these elements will pop. When you are choosing all of these finishes, it may be helpful to work with a designer that can give you some direction as to what you should choose for your home.

Target Hardwood Floors to Desired Buyers

There is no one buyer fits all situation. You need to think about what group of buyers your home is going to appeal to the most. Are you looking to sell your home to newlyweds, those with a young family or buyers that are retiring and looking for a place to live their last years of life? Younger buyers may be looking for something more urban and modern while older buyers are likely to be more conservative in what they are looking for.

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No matter when you are planning to sell your home, you can’t go wrong when you choose hardwood flooring in your house. This is a flooring that many buyers in the market now and forevermore will be looking for. Call Mike’s Custom Flooring today to choose the right hardwood for your home!

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