Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Bunker Hill, WV; Socks Protect Flooring, Black Tea Wood Floor Cleaner & More

Not only is hardwood flooring a beautifully organic option for your home, it is also one that is durable and strong. Some people may consider hardwood flooring, but end up going a different direction when they think of the maintenance that is required with hardwood. Even though they may get occasional scratches, dents and dings, there are many ways that you can easily care for your hardwood floors and avoid these problems. Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to share some cleaning and maintenance tips that will help protect your hardwood flooring and keep it looking beautiful without a lot of work.

Can an Iron Fix Scratches in Hardwood Floors

While many of you have probably used an iron to get rid of the wrinkles found on your clothes, have you ever thought to use it on your hardwood flooring or furniture? It’s true. When you use a damp washcloth and lay in on the flooring where there are scratches and dings, you can use the iron to then get rid of those inconsistencies on your flooring. You can also use the same method on any wood furniture that you may have. It is important that you test this out on an inconspicuous portion of the flooring or furniture first to ensure no damage ensues though.

Socks Protect Hardwood Flooring

Many people use socks to keep their feet warm and protect them from objects they may step on. What many people don’t realize is that their socks can also be used to protect their flooring from scratches as well. Anytime you are getting ready to move furniture on your flooring, try putting socks on the feet before scooting it across the floor. This will offer a layer of protection as the furniture is moved and will help you avoid scratches.

Hardwood Floor Scratch & Creak Repair

You don’t have to look far to find solutions to your hardwood woes. There are many household products that can be extremely useful when you have problems. Here are a few of them.
– Toothpaste: If you have marks on your flooring like markers or other scuffs that seem unremovable, you can use a bit of toothpaste and elbow grease to remove them. Simply use a dollop on a wet washcloth and it can remove it.
– Baby Powder: Having creaking floors? Putting baby powder on an area that is constantly creaking will fill in the space and get rid of the sound.
– Canola Oil: If you have scratches on your hardwood flooring, a little bit of canola on the scratch and it will decrease its visibility.
– Black Tea: People are always looking for a natural cleaner, and black tea is just that. All it takes is a pinch of black tea to get your floors clean.

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