Easy to Maintain Hardwood Floors in Vienna, VA; Wood Floor Color, Humidity Resistance, Janka Hardness Scale & More

When it comes to selecting the right hardwood floor, many homeowners have their own preferences. Some people prioritize design where others prioritize practicality. To keep their hardwood floors looking new and clean, no one wants to break their back. With the many options, most homeowners simply want to know which wood floor is ideally easy to take care of. Considering this, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to offer some insight.

Hardwood Floor Color

When it comes to the practical needs of the wood floor, even if you have a design in mind, the color wood you’ll pick can play a big role. Without the right finish, darker colors can scratch more easily, and any stains or dirt will be more visible. Where furniture is not moved around too much or in rooms where there is not a lot of walking around are better suited for dark wood. On the other hand, light colors can hide dust or dirt very well because of the grains, and the color tone of the wood. For example, much of the dirt and dust would not be visible on Ash White hardwood floors. Since it already has a naturally “stained” look to it, another great option would be multi-tone hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Humidity Resistance

Humidity is also a concern when dealing with wood. By contracting and expanding, losing its shape, form, and/or color, the wood planks can make wood wear out really quickly. Some of the best options are engineered woods while there are many types out there that are resistant. To prevent warping, the interior of these woods is produced. As they are more resistant to scratches, it is important to pick an option with thicker wear layers.

Janka Hardness Scale

To identify and classify the density of the wood is why the scale was designed. The denser it is, the more durable it can be, which indicates it won’t dent or scratch so easily, making it perfect for most businesses or social spaces. While the hardest one registered was Australian Buloke, at 5,060 lbf, the softest wood ever measured, Balsa, ranked 22 lbf (pounds-force).

Hardwood Floor Finish

Depending on your choice, the finish on your hardwood floors can help keep them for longer. There are matte, satin, and gloss finish options. While not as popular anymore, glossy finishes are great for maintenance. With another way to classify hardwood floor finishes, its base is often considered. Being able to withstand the natural movement of the wood, the oil-based polyurethane adds a glow to the wood. Though it is not as resistant to heat or solvent, acrylic urethane, also called water-based, makes the resin more resistant to wear such as scratches. With this factor, an oil-based finish can make keeping the wood easier in the long term.

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You can find the right design that fits your criteria for the upkeep as well. No matter what hardwood floors meet for you, the professionals of Mike’s Custom Flooring is readily available to assist you with installation, maintenance, and repair services.

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