Causes of Dull Hardwood Floors in Mason Neck, VA; Repairs for High Heel Marks, Dog Scratches, Pet Urine & More

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and durable flooring option. Over time and use, the wood floors can start to look dull, especially if they are not efficiently cared for as much and as well as they should. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to take the opportunity to share the common sources that cause wood floor surfaces to look dull.

Sun Faded Wood Floors

The sun’s damaging UV rays can affect a number of surfaces, from your own skin, to painted exteriors and even the wood floors. The exposure discolors the wood floors, and even in some more severe cases, it causes warping. Hardwood floors can be stripped and refinished to restore the wood floor. To protect wood floors from sun exposure, apply the following steps:
– To help block the sunlight, planting trees or shrubs in front of windows.
– Install on the windows UV resistant tint.
– Closing the curtains, drapes, shutters or blinds during the daytime.

Cleats & High Heel Marks on Hardwood Floors

Usually high heels are the culprit, however, sports enthusiasts wearing cleats can also cause the same effect. With a 1/4-inch stiletto tip, a 125-pound woman exerts a pressure of about 4 pounds per square inch (PSI) when standing on one flat foot and about 2,000 PSI. Though durable, this abuse causes issues for your hardwood floors. Damage includes nasty scratches, dents, and holes which all wears on the finish. This damage can be avoided by not wearing the cleats and heels on the hardwood floors. It is also good to avoid wearing shoes in general to preserve the beauty of the wood floor.

Hardwood Floor Scratches from Cat & Dog Nails

Medium or large dog breeds can also exert a high enough pressure on the hardwood floors, much like the heels and cleat. When playing or running around inside, the unpleasant scratches and dents all over the surface can easily occur. Cats and small dogs can equally because scratches dull the surface as well. To help prevent damage, ensure the pet’s nails are routinely manicured.

Black Pet Urine Stains on Hardwood Floors

Pet urine will ultimately destroy your wood flooring. The urine contains uric acid and ammonia, two organic enzymes that can eat away at your floors’ gloss and cause the wood to look dull. Be sure to take precautions with down water-resistant pads if you are house-training a puppy, and immediately wipe up any accidents to minimize the damage.

Wrong Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Not cleaning can be a problem, however, using the wrong cleaning aids and products can negatively impact the woods’ surface. Below are the top things to avoid when cleaning your hardwood floors.
1) Abrasives – This includes baking soda, scrub pads, and bottled cleaner scratches the protective surface.
2) Harsh Chemicals – The finish can be stripped with harsh chemicals like ammonia, vinegar, or other alkaline products.
3) Polish – Polish and other wood renewal type products will make the surface look dull as it leaves a residue or buildup on the surface.
4) Waxes – Oil soaps and waxes are also known to build up and can be challenging to remove.

Hardwood Floor Water Stains

Moisture is hardwood’s floor worst enemy. Causing unsightly stains to appear on the surface, the excess water can rot the wood from the inside. Never use a wet mop to wash the floors, immediately dry any spills and when moist wiping is needed, immediately follow up with a dry cloth.

Moving Refrigerator & Furniture Over Hardwood Flooring

Sliding the furniture around on the hardwood floor surface will cause scuffs and scratches. Placing felt caps on the legs and lifting instead of sliding the furniture can help prevent damage.

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