Best & Worst Rooms for Hardwood Flooring Installation in Round Hill, VA

Upgrading the hardwood floors throughout your home is always a way to improve the value as well as enhance the aesthetics of the room with the hardwood’s natural beauty and charm. But when it comes time to consider the flooring in each room, you may wonder which rooms are ideal for hardwood floors and which rooms you may want to consider other options. With that in mind, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring have compiled a list of the best rooms floored with hardwood and the rooms where hardwood floors may not be practical.

Rooms Best Suited for Hardwood Flooring

With the rich beauty and charm of hardwood floors, the rooms below are ideal for hardwood floor installation, practical function, and minimum maintenance.
Den: Dens are often used for relaxation, unwinding, reading, and studying. Hardwood floors used in this application gives off a cozy setting with a casual, but sophisticated environment ideal for indulging in your favorite book; get entranced with a movie, or even friendly conversation. Limited exposure to moisture and easy upkeep makes dens perfect for hardwood floors.
Dining Room: Hardwood floors are not only used to accessorize a room, but it can be a great way to enhance the architectural design and dining rooms are often perfect for this. Where they invite formal occasions or even homey routines, hardwood floors are exceptional for either setting. Just add some protection between the chairs and floor to avoid surface damage with constant sliding either with furniture pads or area rugs.
Home Office: Research suggests that hardwood floors in home offices attribute to productivity that are boosted by positive emotions stimulated by hardwood floors earthy atmosphere. Not only will your work improve, but the charming esthetics will keep you comfortable.
Living Room: Hardwood floor is durable while still offering beauty; holding up to traffic and easy cleaning capabilities on fresh messes. Hardwood floors prompt cleaning as over exposure to moisture can damage the floors, but with the easy wipe up policy, it makes it the perfect place for accidents.
Master Bedroom: Hardwood floor is not only charming and beautiful, but the rich appeal sets off romantic ambience.

Rooms Not Suitable for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have its benefits and advantages, but some rooms are not well suited for hardwood floors.
Bathroom: As mentioned earlier, water is an element that hardwood floors are not conducive with. Humidity, drips, and in the kids’ case, splashes are all things that can’t be avoided, causing the hardwoods floor to expire well before their lifespan. It is not cost effective or practical; keep the hardwood floors out of the bathroom.
Foyer: Hardwood floors are durable, but the foyer is the highest traffic area. Dirt and grit are a constant issue, causing scuffs and scratches. Cleaning would be difficult to control and maintenance would happen frequently to keep them in good shape.
Laundry Room: Laundry rooms are another room where humidity and the potential water damage can occur. Though hardwood floors are remarkable, they are not ideal for such an environment.

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There has not been mention of kitchens. We think hardwood floors are an excellent upgrade in kitchens, but with only diligent homeowners that keep on top of the accidental spills and that understand wet mopping isn’t a part of the required cleaning. Consider engineered wood for the conditions of a kitchen. For hardwood floor installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring!

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