Most Popular Hardwood Flooring Finishing & Color Trends of 2017 in Winchester, VA

Hardwood floors have been a classically used option for flooring. It adds sophistication, charm, and elegance with its upgraded status. But with so many options available for hardwood flooring, finding the overall look for you can be a bit of challenge. We at Mike’s Custom Flooring have compiled the trends for 2017 when it comes to the finish of your hardwood floor. The traditional hardwood floor finish options are not as popular currently. Instead homeowners and business owners alike are relishing in the bold and dark options.

Popular Hardwood Flooring Trends

1) Dark Stained Wood Floors. A hugely popular trend is dark stained floors paired with the contrasting of bright white accents. Although these dark floors are making bold statements, the darker shades have a tendency to make a room look smaller as well as require frequent cleaning as dust, dirt, and debris show up a lot easier. Espresso browns and nearly black finishes is the growing trend that experts believe is here to stay for a better of 5 years or more.
2) Blonde Wood Floors. From one extreme to the other, it would seem this years hardwood floor trends will be light or dark and nothing much in between. Bamboo flooring is increasing the light blonde shaded wood finishes. Even if you haven’t been a fan of the lighter shades of wood, the beautiful blondes might make you consider a lighter change of pace. This option allows you to neglect the floors for about week or two; as the dust and debris isn’t obvious. The brighter and lighter colors also open a room, making it look for more spacious and bigger. Experts believe this will be a trend that becomes a classic, so if it is appealing to you, it could be the perfect approach that can you years.
3) Gray Wood Floors. A few years ago the gray finish was believed to be more than a crazed fad that people used to break away from traditional tones of brown. But the varying degrees of gray are here to stay, and specialists don’t think it will be dissolving any time soon. Gray has so much versatility that it makes a bold statement while still carrying the calming effect neutral colors have to offer. The gray hardwood floor finish can be paired with dark accents, lighter shades, or even other levels of gray to create a unique style. From weathered textures to industrial-style elements, gray can be used in any scenario to amplify your home’s overall look. Pairing these fabulous colors with the right texture, satin or matte and intricate panel patterns your hardwood floors can be the focal point of your home or even the finishing touch.

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