Common DIY Hardwood Flooring Installation Mistakes to Avoid in Round Hill, VA

Installing hardwood floor may seem easy enough due to the modern snap-in laminate flooring system that is widely used today. However, when it comes to actual hardwood floors, installation for those DIYers often involve mistakes. As a result, damaged wood or a poor turn out occurs. The professionals at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share some of these common installation mistakes and to caution those who choose to undertake this task.

Common DIY Hardwood Flooring Installation Mistakes

1. One common mistake, especially in two story homes, is that hardwood floors are installed over an under-heating source. There is some wood flooring that is designed to take the heat, so if you’re planning to install a wood floor over a heated area, make sure to use the wood designed for these types of areas. If wood is exposed to heat, it will warp, shrink, twist and bend in all kinds of ways.
2. Another mistake similar to the first one is installing wood floors in areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms. Again, wood can become distorted if exposed to moisture. If that moisture is combined with heat, it will destroy the wood turning your expensive hardwood floor into garbage.
3. For larger rooms with hardwood floors installed that wasn’t glued down, the omission will make the floor weak and unstable. The floor doesn’t last long and will get damaged since the wood is not held in place. For those who are installing hardwood flooring in larger rooms, make sure you glue it down or it will shift around too much. The shifting will create gaps for moisture and other elements to seep into and damage the wood.
4. If a foundation was recently poured and appears hardened it doesn’t mean it is ready to have flooring laid on top of it yet. If the sub-flooring is still holding in moisture, the humidity will just cause the wood to warp, or distort. The floor needs to be completely dried out and not just hardened before you begin installing hardwood floors on top of it.
5. A hardwood floor is just that; “wood”. Wood is constantly expanding and contracting especially during the change in seasons. All too often when hardwood floors are installed the installer doesn’t leave enough space or a big enough gap between the wall and the edge of the floor. There should always be at least a 1/2 inch gap which can be easily covered by baseboards. It is important to allow the wood enough room to expand during the change in seasons.
6. For those with little to no experience in installing hardwood floors, it is best to leave it the professionals. Yes, it may help save some money to do it yourself. However, a hardwood floor is a major investment to the home and your budget. The simplest mistake can cost you your entire floor. All to often homeowner’s think the job is simple enough and try to do it themselves. This can be a costly mistake and one that is easily avoided.

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