Can Bamboo Plank Flooring Be Resurfaced in Summit Point, WV? How Do You Refinish Bamboo Floors?

A great option for those who are looking for something that’s similar to wood but that is more environmentally friendly is bamboo flooring. It is one of the most sustainable flooring materials available because bamboo is a commonly found grass. Though it is very similarly looking to wood, bamboo has unique attributes. You are probably wondering if it is possible to refinish it before you choose to use bamboo. It can be vulnerable, like wood, to surface scratches though bamboo is very durable. Bamboo is left softer and more prone to scratching because bamboo is often heated to deepen its color. You can refinish bamboo flooring to eliminate such visual flaws, fortunately. Mike’s Custom Flooring outlines the steps of bamboo floor refinishing below.

How Do You Refinish Bamboo Plank Flooring?

Sanding down the bamboo is the first thing you’re going to have to do if you want to remove visual flaws from your bamboo floors. The original finish is removed as well as to buff out any surface scratches with this process. In order to sand down bamboo flooring, follow the steps below.
1) Prep the Area. Clear out all the furnishings. To prevent accidental damage, be sure to remove the baseboards around the room in which the bamboo flooring is installed.
2) Disc Sander Preparations. Invest in a quality disc sander equipped with 220 grit sandpaper.
3) Floor sanding. Begin at the far end of the room when you start the process of sanding the bamboo floor. In a sweeping motion from left to right, run your disc sander across the floor. You should turn towards the opposite side of the room and begin from the edge once the center of the room is reached and working back towards the center once more.
4) Switch Out the Sandpaper. Into your disc sander, replace the 220-grit sandpaper with a finer, 300-grit sandpaper. Once switched, begin sanding in the same manner a second time. The finer surface scratches are removed with this step.
5) Refinishing the Bamboo. It is time to refinish the bamboo after you have done a second sanding of the bamboo flooring. The finish you use needs to be specifically formulated for bamboo flooring. It all depends on the type of bamboo flooring you have as not all finishes will have the desired effect on your bamboo. It is a good idea to speak to a professional about because of this.
6) Execute a Final Sanding. You will want to use the finest sandpaper available to go back over it one final time once the floor has been refinished and you’ve allowed it to dry. You can wash the floor in order to remove the dust as well as put the baseboards back after the final sanding.

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It is a smart idea to allow a professional to refinish your bamboo floors because operating a disc sander isn’t easy and sanding your bamboo floor evenly without damaging the bamboo is quite challenging to say the least. It is also a bit tricky applying the finish and ensuring a smooth, even application. Because the process is messy, challenging, and getting the tools and supplies can be expensive, hiring a professional is likely the better option. Mike’s Custom Flooring offers dustless sanding. Also, trusting this project to an experienced and reputable professional provides you with long-term quality results. If your bamboo flooring requires assistance, call the experts of Mike’s Custom Flooring and let us assist you!

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