What Cleaners Should Not Be Used on Hardwood Floors in Winchester, VA & What is Best Cleaner to Protect Finish?

It is not always simple to protect hardwood floors. Between careless kids, sliding furniture, and crazy pets, avoiding scuffs and scratches can be difficult. Where most people know that water is not a friendly substance to wood floors, there are other threats you need to be aware of. Extreme, widespread damage can be caused by several harmful cleaning products for hardwood flooring. To help you avoid these harmful products, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to list the biggest offenders.

Can You Use Glass Cleaner on Wood Floors?

Generally, glass cleaning products are used on a glass surface, not wood floors. Some people will grab such products out of desperation to help clean spots and residues, however, glass cleaning products can actually do damage to your floors. Abrasive chemicals that glass can handle with ease are contained in in the formula of glass cleaners. Unfortunately, hardwood floors cannot. Reconsider using glass cleaners, even if you’ve run out of your regular cleaning products and really need some backup.

Can Vinegar Ruin Hardwood Floors?

When it comes to cleaning products, natural products are incredibly popular today, and vinegar is often a key natural ingredient in many solutions. You should avoid vinegar at all costs when cleaning your hardwood flooring, however. Over time, it is going to wear away at your hardwood flooring since vinegar is acidic. Since the damage is gradual, you are likely to not notice it until it is too late. The wood beneath will become damaged and the finish will wear away. Because of the involvement to remedy the damage, and the cost, be sure to avoid any products that contain vinegar.

Is Dish Soap Bad for Hardwood Floors?

Using soapy water should be avoided, despite that soapy water is a classic cleaning solution use in many circumstances. The soap can leave a trouble-making residue and excessive water can damage the flooring. The soapy residue will leave your floor slippery, a duller, and full of footprints and other marks. Also, dirt and debris are attracted to the soapy residue, making them look filthy soon.

Is Ammonia Safe for Wood Floors?

Ammonia is one of the most common abrasive chemicals. It’s not among the recommended cleaning products for hardwood flooring, though it can be effective cleaning lots of things. In addition to causing surface damage, ammonia will also wear away at the layers beneath them. Always check for ammonia in the ingredients as you search labels for a suitable wood floor cleaning agent.

Will Bleach Damage Hardwood Floors?

Another cleaning product that can work wonders on an array of different surfaces is bleach. Hardwood flooring is definitely not one of them, however. Bleach causes discoloration and can lead to irreversible damage. Never use bleach on wood flooring.

Best Cleaner for Wood Floors

Now that you know what to avoid, there are several great products you can use to clean your floor. Look for anything explicitly marketed for cleaning hardwood is a good guide. Though some multi-surface cleaners can be used, be sure to read through the ingredients to ensure it is actually safe for wood flooring.

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