Can You Change the Color of Your Hardwood Flooring in Fairfax Station, VA? Staining Floors Lighter or Darker & More

When you have had hardwood floors for a long period of time, you may wish for some change in scenery. However, many people work hard to maintain their beautiful hardwood floors and don’t want to replace them with something else. Hardwood floor color can be changed by refinishing the wood and staining the wood the new desired color. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share what you need to know about changing your hardwood floor’s color and renewing the look of your home.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors will eventually require a need to be refinished during some time in its life. Most hardwood floor will undergo three to five refinishes before they need to be replaced. Hardwood floors can easily last 30 years or longer with proper care. When a hardwood floor is refinished, it will first be stripped of its original stain or sealer. Next, the hardwood floors will be thoroughly sanded down, removing any imperfections in the wood’s surface at the same time. Sanding down hardwood floors will remove indents, scratches, and stains in the wood’s surface. Once the sanding is completed and the floors cleaned, the hardwood floors will need to be stained and sealed.

Staining Hardwood Floors Lighter or Darker

During the time the wood floors are being stained, the homeowner can choose to stain the wood a different color. However, there is a lot to consider when staining wood. The first major consideration is the type of wood that is on the floor. For example, you can use one stain color on three different types of wood and the stain will look different on each type of wood. When picking a new color to stain your floor, make sure you know how your wood floor will take the stain and the resulting color. Most stains will have samples of the different types of wood and how that color of stain will actually look. However, hardwood floors consist of a wide range of wood species. If possible, use a left over piece of wood from your floor or see if you can order a small sample of the wood for stain testing.

Sealing Hardwood Floors

Another consideration is the sealer. Depending on the wood species, some wood requires a wax or wood sealer to protect the wood surface. Both the wax and wood sealer will slightly alter the final color of the wood stain. After choosing your new stain color, again apply the sealer or wax coat over the stain and make sure you are happy with the results.

Hardwood Floor & Wall / Decor Color Combinations

A last consideration when picking your new stain color is making sure the new color works well with the rest of the home theme such as wall color, accent wood and trim color and furniture. It is important to have no regrets when changing the wood color. You never want to refinish hardwood floors just to change the color again if you don’t like the new look of your floor. Hardwood floors can only be refinished so many times before they require replacement.

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