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Most homeowners know that wood floors can boost a home’s market value and aesthetics. There are many classic installations that make a dramatic difference in any room, however, to really improve the look of the wood floors, you can consider some creative customized installations for your wood floors. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to further discuss the subject to offer you some ideas in customizing your wood floors.

How is Hardwood Flooring Made?

Being relatively uniform all the way through, solid hardwood planks are derived of single pieces of wood. Since you can refinish them several times to restore their original appeal, they are generally more high-end, but still cost-effective. With layers of processed laminate underneath, engineered wood uses a thin layer of hardwood on the surface. Eco-conscious homeowners tend to prefer it since it uses less wood. Though the upfront cost is lower, it may not be eligible for any refinishing down the line.

Hardwood Floor Finish

The finishes determine whether it is glossy or matte, as well as the color of the wood. While darker ones have a traditional feel, the lighter stains are more popular in contemporary home designs. As a suggestion, pick a darker tone for the flooring for an attractive contrast if your decor in the area is light. Imperfections, including scratches, in high-traffic areas can be disguised with glossy finishes. Currently grey colors are actually losing steam and the natural finishes are making comeback. As a traditional look, the natural colors have the appeal, especially when it comes time to selling. A popular color is the Greige (Grey + Beige) and has been trending more so in the last year or so. When it comes to the distress wood look, the exaggerated textures are losing out to the more subtle, softer graze. The white oak is the booming trend for now as it offers a neutral appeal that can be imposed in any décor. Red oak, hickory, maple, and birch continue to top the trends as well. Though bamboo, Brazilian Cherry, and other exotic species are not as popular, many homeowners are still enjoying the look and advantages they have to offer.

Hardwood Floor Layout

There are several design possibilities as you can choose from a number of sizes in length and width. You can implement patterns in the flooring as you can have the planks laid out horizontally, diagonally, or in a herringbone pattern for a distinct look. Using different finishes and stains across the flooring will create visual separation, especially in an open-plan home. Below are a few of the trending plank sizes. Since the turn of the century, the wider plank flooring has seen a dramatic increase. Some prefer the appearance since it up rooms that would likely feel or look small. Longer length material is becoming more popular along with the wider planks.

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No matter what you have in mind for your custom wood flooring, call Mike’s Custom Flooring in Virginia for your installation. We have the expertise to ensure it is done right.

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