Carpet VS Hardwood Flooring Resale Value in Charles Town, WV; Master Bedroom, Family Living Rooms & More

Are your floors in need of replacement? You may be thinking of changing up a bit with a new style of floor. But most homeowner’s battle with themselves when it comes down to which type of flooring is better or would serve them best. Thus the battle between hardwood floors and carpets begin. Really in the end, it may depend more on affordability or the fit of your lifestyle needs. Mike’s Custom Flooring will name the pros and cons to help you make a decision as to what you will want for your new floor.

Pros & Cons of Carpet Flooring

Let’s start with carpets. One of the leading desires for carpet in homes is that it provides foot comfort and muffles the sounds of footsteps. In living rooms, it gives you and your family a soft environment in which to lounge and gives little ones a soft, comfortable place to play. You will mostly see carpets used in living rooms and bedrooms; most often for the comfort it gives. However as they are soft and cozy, carpet does have its draw backs. Carpets are prone to fraying and unraveling. In homes filled with kids and pets, carpets are near impossible to keep clean. Spills and other accidents will stain carpets that you will have to battle in order to remove. How about pet dogs and cats? They have some of the worst bathroom accidents in the worst of places. As a result pet stains and smells can ruin our carpets. Carpets also hold deep in its fibers, pollen and other allergens. For those who suffer from allergies, carpets can be a nightmare. A perk to carpet is that it is cheaper than laying other forms of flooring, depending on the level of quality you choose from.

Pros & Cons of Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring also has its drawbacks as well as its perks. The advantages of wood floors are they are easier to keep clean. Spills, pet urine, and allergens are much easier to tend to than on wood than on carpet. Liquids can be wiped away and cleaned without it seeping deep down. Discoloring or smells are no longer a problem with wood floors. Allergens won’t stick to wood floors like it will carpet. For those with allergies, wood floors can give them a reprieve from their suffering. It’s really difficult to repair carpet as it becomes damaged. When wood floors get scratched, dented, or nicked, you can simply sand and resurface the damaged area. Many homeowner’s, especially those with kids and pets, are switching to hardwood floors for these reasons. Many will get a soft rug for little ones so they still have somewhere to play. However. the main complaint hardwood gets is when it is improperly installed, humidity can cause the floor to buckle around the walls. Hardwoods floors can fade with time, and splinter. However that could also be the fault of the homeowner not giving proper care of the wood floor. The next biggest complaint is that you as the homeowner will have to clean the floors more often than carpet. Dust is more noticeable on these floors than on carpet because carpet absorbs a lot of the dirt and debris into the fiber making it less noticeable.

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You as the homeowner will have to decide which one is better suited for you and your households needs. Hardwood floors cost more than carpets but will usually last longer and are easier to repair. Where carpets are cheaper and provide a soft and quieter atmosphere, they are harder to keep clean, and sometimes can’t be repaired. You will most likely need to replace carpet more often then wooden floors. Mike’s Custom Flooring wants you to consider all aspects to carpet and wooden floors and see which one will serve you and your family best. Contact us for a hardwood flooring consultation today!

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