Common Hardwood Floor Repairs in Round Hill, VA to Fix Scratches, Splitting Wood & More

Minor damage to hardwood floors can be easily repaired, especially by a professional. There are some common problems that inflict hardwood floors and the most optimal solutions to rectify the situation. With that in mind, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to relate some of these repairs that are common among hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Repairs to Fix Splitting or Splintering Floors, Scratches, Water Damage & More

Cracked or Split Wood: Hardwood floors develop small splits or cracks in the surface of the wood over time. Along with some wood putty to hide the blemishes, these problems can be spot repaired with some angled nails to secure the 2 pieces together. If the cracks are larger, consider refinishing the floor and any planks that are severely split or cracked should be replaced.
Gaps Between the Planks: Gaps in between the planks are another common occurrence that is the product of time and climate. As wood dries out it shrinks and when it gets wet or endures humidity, it expands. The main reason why most gaps are seasonal in nature is because of the regular expansion and contraction over time. If the gap is less than the thickness of a dime, your flooring is normal and no need for repair. Gaps wider should be tightened by a professional.
Buckling: Buckling is damage that occurs when the boards warp and lift up from the subfloor.
A hardwood floor professional can identify the root of the problem when the boards buckle. After the cause is determined the professional can correct the problem and reattach the boards to the subfloor.
Cupped Floors: Cupped floors, otherwise known as washboarding, the center of the board sinks down and gradually across the width of the wood strip where the edges of the hardwood planks raises up. A moisture imbalance; more water on the bottom side of the wood plank than on the top, causes the cupped floor. The only solution is to balance the humidity levels in the home, allowing the surface to normalize. Once the floor stabilizes, a professional can sand it flat and re-finish it to perfection.
Warped Hardwood Floors: Sagging is another term for hardwood floors and signifies that there is a serious issue. Evidence of warped hardwood floors needs to be addressed immediately because it the result of extreme moisture problems. On rare occasions a warped floor can be the fault of poor installation or quality of the wood boards, but the most common reason is elevated moisture problems. Addressing the moisture problem is priority and then any warped boards should be replaced as quickly as possible before any additional damage occurs.
Scratches & Other Minor Hardwood Repair Problems: Hardwood flooring frequently gets scratched or the planks become loose. Light scratches can be masked with repair touchup kits until the floor could use a sanding and refinishing service, however if the scratches are heavy or even more like gouges, a refinishing service is the ultimate fix. Loose planks are typically due to improper installation and the most ideal solution is to hire a reputable pro to re-install the hardwood flooring efficiently.

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