Installing Hardwood Floors in Winchester, VA; Click Loc, Floating, Nail & Glue Down

There are different types of hardwood floor installation methods that are used to install the various types of wood flooring. Each method of installation has its own benefits and uses. To better understand what kind of wood flooring you wish to install and its installation method, Mikes Custom Flooring will share the different methods used to install wood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Methods

Nail Down – Nail down floors are achieved with either a manual flooring nailer or a pneumatic nail gun that is designed to hold solid wood ¾ inch thick floor boards in place. In most cases, nailing the wood down is for solid hard wood. However, there is some engineered flooring that will use this same method of installation. The nail down method requires a wood sub-flooring to attach to. Nail down wood flooring won’t work on concrete foundations.
Staple Down – Staple down floors are sometimes considered the same as a nail down installation method. Both nail and staple wood flooring uses a pneumatic nail gun to drive the nails or staples down. They both require a wood sub-flooring to nail into which holds the wood boards in place. Staple are best used on thinner boards that are typically 5/8 inch thick or less.
Glue Down – For tongue or grooved engineered wood floors that are 5/16 inch thick, glue down is an excellent method of installation. For thick wood it is best to use the nail or staple method. However, one benefit of the glue down method is that you can glue down on any surface. As a word of caution, the glue down method should be done by a professional floor installer. When it comes to glue down wood floor installation, it is required that the right glue or adhesives and trowel size be used for best results. If you used the wrong materials and installation technique, you can void certain warranties and the wood may begin to pop up or off over time especially in high traffic areas. To preserve your floors warranty and usage, you will want to use a professional installer.
Floating – Most engineered wood floors use a floating or interlocking method of installation. Float interlocking wood floor doesn’t require any form of fastener to hold the wood floor in place. Floating wood floors are less labor intensive and are becoming a more popular style of floor used today. Floating floors do require an underlayment material to reduce the floor noise and to prevent the board from flexing when walked on.
Click Loc – Click loc installation method is another form of floating wood flooring. This recent development method is where two joints lock together, much like the floating engineered wood. However this method often comes with the underlayment attached to each board and is rated to have a stronger interlocking system. Most laminate floors now use the click loc installation system. Both floating and click loc wood flooring are a fast and easy installation method.

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Mike’s Custom Flooring provides hardwood floor installation services and is trained in all methods of installation. Not only can we install your wood floors, but we can custom design your floors to meet your needs. When you need wood floors installed in your home, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today!

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