Wide & Narrow Plank VS Strip Hardwood Floors in Charles Town, WV; How to Choose Flooring

Are you ready to upgrade your carpets or tile floors to a beautiful and elegant hardwood floor? When you choose to go with hardwood there are some decisions that need to be made. Everyone knows that carpet comes in different styles, colors and thickness as well as tile. The tile can be in many colors and types from granite to porcelain. The options that you have for hardwood are the same! You need to determine several areas of the flooring before the product can even be ordered. You need to decide on what type of wood you are going to invest in. You also need to work on deciding what color stain you want. The colors vary from very light colors such as a natural as well as very dark, almost black stains. The colors are an important aspect of the hardwood floors to increase the décor and the design of your home. Another area that you need to determine what is best is the size of the hardwood floors.

Mike’s Custom Flooring Outlines Several Types of Hardwood Floor Widths

Longstrip Hardwood Flooring: If you were to look back at the most common type of hardwood floor planks you will see strip floors most often. They are long planks that are skinny and only reach about three inches in width. The widths are all the same throughout the project and run in long sections. The reason that many people used to use this style is the wood could be manufactured in this smaller sections much easier. The long length of these pieces are great for a room that is small and needs to be opened up. Although this is the most common type of flooring it can still be very modern and streamline. If you use a light color stain the finish can leave the room looking very elegant and easy to design around.
Narrow & Wide Plank Style Hardwood Flooring: If you want to have a totally different look to your hardwood floors, a plank floor is a great way to go. When you choose a plank style the pieces of the wood that are used can reach up to eight inches in length. The large wide pieces are great if you want to show off the natural look of the wood. The wood will show off the lines, grooves, knots and other character that many people love about the look of wood. The planks are great in a large room that needs to feel a bit cozier. Combining this with your décor can make the room very rustic all the way to modern.
Wood Parquet Floor Tiles: The parquets floor is not the same long wood planks but is made into square planks. They are usually a one to two foot piece that can be many types and styles of wood. The great thing about this is that you get shapes throughout the home and you can choose from many design elements.

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