Common Hardwood Floor Repairs in Winchester, VA for Scratches, Gouges, Splitting, Splintering etc

Hardwood floors are an excellent investment to any home and with the proper care and proper maintenance they can last decades. Like any material, wood is prone to different kinds of wear and damages that may require periodical repairs. Mikes Custom Flooring would like to share the common repairs that are done on hardwood floors and the kinds or wear or damages that can easily be repaired.

Hardwood Floor Damage Needing Repair

Hardwood Floor Cracks or Splits – Usually found in older wood floors. It is not uncommon for hardwood to develop small to large splits or cracks over the course of time. Splits or crack are easily repaired. Depending on the size of the split, you may need to use angled nails to secure the large splits together and use a wood putty filler to fill in the gaps. When cracks or splits can be seen all throughout the wood floor, you can also use a refinishing service where the wood is first stripped of the sealers and stain, sanded down to a smooth surface, and a sealer and stain is then reapplied.
Hardwood Floor Gaps or Separation – Another rather common problem is when spaces or gaps develop between the planks. Gaps occur because wood naturally will expand and contract as the weather changes. In most cases, the best thing to do when planks separate is to wait it out. The wood will expand and the gaps will close naturally. However sometimes you may need to retighten the planks in which a professional can provide this service.
Hardwood Floor Buckling – Buckling is when the planks warp and lift up and away from the subfloor that it is attached to. The cause of the buckling can vary and can result from a number of different problems. Often it takes a professional installer to track down the source of the problem. Buckling can be repaired once the underlying problem has been corrected. In most cases the hardwood floor is re-secured either by nailing or gluing the board back down.
Hardwood Floor Cupping – Cupping or cupped floors are also sometimes referred to as wash-boarding. Cupped floors are when the edges of the planks or board rise up and the center appears to have sunk down. This is caused when the wood is exposed to excessive amounts of moisture. Cupping can be prevented by maintaining stable levels of humidity inside your home. Cupped floors can be repaired by sanding and leveling the wood.
Hardwood Floor Warping – Warped or sagging wood is caused when the wood has been exposed to water. In most cases a flood or constant water exposure will cause the wood to warp and become misshapen. Depending on the level of warp you may need to replace the entire floor. If the problem is corrected early on, the planks can be repaired.

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Most hardwood floor damage can be repaired. When wood floors become too warped or damaged and have been exposed to mold, then it is best to remove the floor and reinstall a new hardwood floor. If your wood floor has any of these damages and need repair, Mikes Custom Flooring can help. We can repair and install wood floors in your home. Contact Mikes Custom Flooring today.

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