How to Choose from the Most Popular Hardwood Floor Stain Colors in Round Hill, VA

When hardwood floors are refinished they are first stripped of the stain and then the wood is sanded to repair any divots or scratches. Finally the wood floor is re-stained and sealed. When you make the decision to refinish your floor you will need to decide either to keep the current color of the wood or use this opportunity to make a few changes in your home. There are a few things to consider when choosing a new stain color and Mikes Custom Flooring will help walk you through this process to help you find the right color for your home.

How to Choose Hardwood Floor Stain Color

Hardwood Floor Stain Categories – There are a number of color stains to choose from. Even so, they can all be broken down into just three categories. You have the Light Color Stains that help brighten up room and are recommended for small or darker rooms. Then we have what is called the Mild Tones which are considered more traditional and do a great job when it comes to hiding blemishes on wood. The Mild Tones also work well in any room and color. The last category is the Dark Color Stains. Dark Color stains make the room look bolder and bring a lot of attention to the floor. Many homeowners love to bring attention to their floor and often use darker stains for this reason.
Hardwood Floor Stain Samples – When you choose a stain, don’t be lead by the stain samples. Even when you match the same wood to the sample tab, often the color still comes out much different. Additionally, the light and even the color of the walls can change the appearance of the color of the stain once it is on the floor. It is recommended that a person buy a small can of stain and test a small area of the floor first before completing the entire floor. If you decide you love the color of stain, your hardwood flooring professional can continue to stain the rest of the floor. If you don’t like the color strip, you can sand the stain out.
Custom Hardwood Floor Stain – Don’t feel like you have to stay with commercial stains either. Many contractors provide custom stains or knows what stains to mix together to create a custom color. This will bring a unique color to your home.
Sanding Affects – Remember the deeper you sand the wood, the color of the stain will change. Sometimes if you want to keep the same color of stain, know that just by sanding down the wood the process can change the color slightly. However when you need to repair scratches or divots in the wood, sanding is an important step. When you need to refinish your hardwood floor, be prepared for some slight changes. If you want to make big changes to your hardwood floors, now would be a good time.

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You can always consult with a hardwood refinishing professional. Through experience they can better help you know what color to expect from a stain. When you need your hardwood floor refinished, contact a professional. Mikes Custom Flooring can help you refinish, install, and care for your wood floors. For all of your wood flooring needs, contact Mikes Custom Flooring today!

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