Do Wood Floors Get Darker or Lighter Over Time in Mason Neck, VA? How to Keep from Changing Color

One of the most beautiful materials that you can put in your home to add organic beauty is hardwood flooring. This is why it is one of the top flooring choices among homeowners today. When you choose to put hardwood in your home, you may notice that the look of the wood starts to change over time. This is especially true when the hardwood is exposed to light. It is a process known as photosensitivity. While there are many people that enjoy watching their wood change over time and embrace it, there are several that prefer it to stay the way it looked when it was installed. Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to talk about what can be done to prevent photosensitivity as much as possible.

Certain Species of Wood Changes More Than Others

When it comes to hardwood changing color, there are some woods that are going to change at a different rate than others. For instance, if you have light colored wood in your home, it is going to change quicker those that are darker. Lighter wood is more transparent than dark woods are. In short, the wood grain is more visible and will react more to the environment around it.

How Can I Keep My Hardwood Floor from Changing Color?

While you can’t completely solve the problem that is known as photosensitivity, there are a few things that can be done to prevent the discoloration to happen, or even work to slow the process down. Here are our best tips to help you fight photosensitivity.
– Close Blinds: Since UV rays are the biggest problem for your hardwood floors, installing blinds or window coverings on your doors and windows so that you can limit the amount of sunlight that shines on your hardwood floors is one of the best ways to avoid the problem. This will give you the ability to close the sunlight off from your hardwood flooring.
– Rearrange Furniture: When your furniture stays in the same place all of the time, there will be certain areas of your flooring that will show signs of discoloration while the rest is unscathed. Moving your furniture our periodically will help slow dow discoloration and ensure that it happens evenly.
– Rotate Rugs: Rugs are another tool that can help with discoloration problems. When you use rugs on your hardwood flooring, consider moving the rugs around just like the furniture so that you don’t expose the same portions of your flooring to the sunlight.

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If you are concerned about the color that your flooring is turning, you can count on Mike’s Custom Flooring to help restore it with our refinishing services. We will make your hardwood flooring look like new again as we take off the finish and re do it for you. This will also get rid of any scratching and scuffs that have happened throughout the years as well. Call us today!

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