Pros of Hand Scraped Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring in Kings Park, VA; Kid Friendly & More

When installing hardwood floors in your home, you’ll find the home is instantly enhanced. Hardwood floors have a classy and elegant appearance. Additionally, hardwood floors can last for years with proper care. However, over time, hardwood floors may require a bit of reviving, or sometimes the homeowner wants to create a slightly different look to their hardwood floors. One popular option is to wire brush the hardwood floors. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share why wire brushing is so popular and its many benefits.

Wire Brushing Increases Floor Durability

For older hardwood floors, you can increase the flooring durability when applying wiring brushing. This technique removes the surface of the hardwood floor, which gets softer over time. By removing the softer surface, the harder, stronger part of the wood is now exposed. Wiring brushed floors are more resistant to dents and scratches since it removes the older soft surface of the flooring.

Wire Brushed Flooring is Non Slip

Some people find that over time, their hardwood floors get a little slippery. Removing the wax off of the hardwood floors can help make the hardwood less slippery. However, now the surface is no longer protected. Another major use for wire brush flooring is to put more grooves into the surface, which provides more grip and makes the hardwood floors less slippery. Additionally, there is no need to remove the wax or protective sealer which will help to protect the hardwood floors surface and extend the life of the floor.

Kid & Pet Friendly Hardwood Flooring Finish

Wire brush flooring holds up great even with pets and kids. Where certain wood species may scratch easily, the wire brushing helps to prevent scratches. Wire brush flooring is also great for parties, large gatherings or dense traffic. The grooves also help provide more stability for pets as many pets struggle to get up or walk across smooth hardwood floors.

Raised Hardwood Floor Texture Adds Character

There are many hardwood floors that are smoothed down to a very fine surface. As many people may like the smoother surfaced floor, as time passes, some people wish there were some grooves to add a more natural or rustic character to the floor. Wire brushed floors help to do just that. There are different textures that can be brushed into the surface of the floor. The groves provide a more natural and/or more rustic appearance to the flooring and enhances the home.

Wire Brushing Floors Hides Blemishes

Another benefit of wire brushed flooring is that they can help hide blemishes when or if they do occur. When heavy items accidentally scrapes across the floor’s surface, it can leave behind scars on the hardwood floors. The grooves created by the wire brushing helps to blend and even hide blemishes, which can help prolong repairs for those with limited time.

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When you have hardwood floors and you are considering having them wire brushed, make sure to always use a professional service. Wire brushing can go wrong and is not easily repaired. Make sure to seek a professional and quality service. Mike’s Custom Flooring provides quality hand scraped wire brushing services and much more. Contact Mike’s Custom Flooring and schedule our services today.

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