Hardwood Floor Installation Patterns in Fairfax Station, VA; Diagonal, Herringbone, Chevron, Random & More

When we decorate our homes, every decision has purpose and meaning, even the floors. The floors might just be the biggest reflection of our own personal style because they’re the first thing most people see when they enter our home. A beautiful and intricate floor pattern can make a lasting first impression.

Wood Floor Layout Patterns

1. Straight hardwood floor layout. When it comes to installing hardwood floors, the straight pattern is the most common way to do it. The planks are laid side by side from wall to wall. To make a room look as large as possible, the planks should be laid parallel to the longest wall in the room. This pattern is popular because it’s simple and effective.
2. Diagonal flooring pattern. The diagonal pattern is similar to the straight pattern but is laid from one corner of the room to the other, instead of wall to wall. This pattern will need a little more expertise to make sure it’s installed correctly.
3. Random hardwood floor pattern. The widths of the planks will vary. One might be 5 inches, another 7 and a third 5. The pattern will still be consistent, the size of the planks is the only thing that will be different. The room can appear bigger and can be installed straight or diagonal. This pattern should be installed parallel to the longest wall for the proper effect.
4. Herringbone floor pattern. This flooring pattern is very popular today but not a good option for a small space because it can make it appear even smaller. Hardwood floors installed this way are more durable because the planks are pressed against each other which decreases the amount of movement in the floor.
5. Chevron wood floor design. Similar to the herringbone pattern but yet different. Herringbone and chevron are installed with equally sized blocks in a zig-zag pattern. When the boards are cut in a way that places the end of each plank to the side of another, it’s herringbone. When the blocks are cut on an angle and form a straight line where each piece meets the end of another, it’s chevron.
6. Brick pattern. This floor pattern will look like the pattern that brickwork makes. This pattern can be applied to a smaller area with a border, or the whole floor. The brick pattern can easily complement design patterns that are more complicated.
7. Basket weave pattern option. This pattern looks great in any room regardless of size. It is usually done with maple and oak and installed parallel to the walls of the room. This pattern is usually created with lighter color woods but adding darker pieces like walnut can accentuate the pattern and create a unique look.

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Some of these patterns work better in certain rooms than others. A professional hardwood flooring contractor like Mike’s Custom Flooring can go over all the pattern options and help you pick the best one. At Sequoia Flooring, we’re committed to quality installation. If you’re ready to talk to someone about your hardwood flooring project. Give us a call!

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