Hardwood Floor Myths in Round Hill, VA; Do Wood Floors Scratch Easily, Is Maintenance Hard & More

There are many myths concerning hardwood flooring. As a result, those who are interested in installing wood floors in their home shy away from them because of these myths perceived as facts. We at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to dispel a handful of the most common myths concerning wood flooring to put your mind at ease.

Myths Regarding Hardwood Floors

Are wood floors pricey?: Depending on the type of the wood floor, the initial installation cost could be more than other options, but if properly cared for and well maintained, it is one of the more cost effective options available. Wood floors can last as much as five times as longer as some other options making them a wider investment. They are also known to increase the home’s value as well.
Is maintenance for wood floors difficult?: Maintaining the wood floor is actually relatively easy. Dust mop, sweep, or vacuum with the with the beater bar turned off to clear off the dirt and debris from off the surface and in between the floor boards. Avoid wet mops and steam mops and water in general whenever possible. Any spills should only be wiped with a slightly damp cloth and immediately dry. When the wood floors look dull, a wood floor cleaner can renew the shine.
Do wood floors tend to scratch easily?: No matter which flooring option, over time, there will be evidence of wear. Wood floors however, is one of the few options that can have the wear restored like new. The scratches on the wood floor are actually on the finish, not on the wood. With some maintenance, removing the old refinish, some sanding, and reapplying a fresh new coat of finish, the wood floors are revitalized and looking like new again. Deeper scratched that are in fact etched in the wood can be sanded out in some applications and refinished as well by a trained professional. They have the right equipment and can make the necessary repair to make the wood floors beautiful. Additionally, you can minimize the wear with throw rugs and runner in the high-traffic areas, felt pads on furniture, keeping the pet’s nails trimmed, and kicking off the athletic cleats and high-heel shoes to preserve the wood floors.
Is dirt and dust more obvious on wood floors?: Actually, wood floors does not harbor the dust, mold and animal dander like say carpets do, though it may just be as visible as other flooring options it is simpler to remove.
Do wood floors wear faster with kids and pets?: Wood floors are durable to any lifestyle. There are many different types of species used for wood flooring; some are more durable than others. The Janka scale measures the durability and hardness of the wood floor so you can select a wood floor more suitable for your lifestyle. Additionally, the various finishes also minimize the wear they can assist the wood flooring in the high-traffic situations.
Are engineered wood floors really wood floors?: Engineered wood are wood floors, they derive from multiple layers of wood or wood composite veneers. Laminate wood floor however, are not made of wood. The only non-wood components used to make engineered wood flooring is the adhesives used to bind the veneers together as well as the finish applied on top of the veneer to protect the wood.

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