Custom Decorative Hardwood Floor Pattern Installation Design Ideas in Winchester, VA

Hardwood floors are an excellent choice of flooring for a home. They are durable, and they add beauty and value to your residence. Once you’ve made the decision to add hardwood floors in your home, you are taking a good step. Now, your next step is considering the design. For those who want to create a more unique look to their home’s flooring versus the same old boring straight and narrow wood floor look, then Mikes Custom Flooring has a few suggestions that can make your hardwood floors look amazing and unique.

Hardwood Flooring Direction Change

So many people will install their wood floors in a straight up and down pattern. However, if you want a simple and more unique looking floor, then consider 45 degree angled floors. Simply by changing the angle from straight up and down to a slight 45 degree angle can make a major difference in your home floor. It is amazing to see how much life and character comes to your home by a simple change in the floor’s angle. Angled wood flooring is strongly encouraged for very linear or boxy rooms. Angled floors can create a change of energy in a very linear room especially, when the wood floor color pops or draw attention to the floor’s design.

Chevron Wood Floor Pattern Installation

Chevron is a unique custom pattern that creates a 3D effect with the “V” patterns. Chevron floor patterns were used during the Middle Ages and were common in Roman roads. This pattern has a historical reference and is often associated with rustic or classic themes and interior designs. However, that will depend on the character of the wood that is being used. The right wood can have an awesome modern effect. Using the right wood can enhance the 3D appearance. Chevron is a simple yet beautiful pattern that can also make smaller rooms feel bigger.

Herringbone Pattern Floor Layout

Most people will confuse Herringbone floor patterns with Chevron. They do look very similar and both use a “V” pattern. However, herringbone is perfectly symmetrical and will connect each “V” together. Chevron zigzags and shouldn’t match up. With Chevron, each row is offset from each other. Herringbone is recommended for large rooms and works for both rustic or modern designs. Another suggestion if using a herringbone design floor is to use two types or colors of wood to bring more energy and character to the floor.

Combine Tile & Wood Flooring

Don’t be afraid to mix up your floors materials. One suggestion is to combine wood with tile. They are perfect for a large kitchen that shares a dining area. Use the wood to frame each tile. To separate the dining section, you can make one area part solid wood. Using sections of solid wood is great in bringing a natural separation to open floor plans and make the big open area look unique and more diverse. When picking tile and wood make sure the two colors complement each other and work together harmoniously or it can look to cluttered and distasteful.

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