Hardwood Floor Sales & Installation Tips in Purcellville, VA; Flooring Plank Size, Finishes & More

When you have decided that you are going to replace your floors and you want to upgrade to a beautiful hardwood floor it is a good idea to know what you are getting yourself into. Hardwood floors are a great option for any home and can increase the look and the value. Hardwood floors come in many options when it comes to size, color and materials. When you are ready to upgrade to hardwood you want to make sure that you take everything into account.

Mike’s Custom Flooring Offers Tips for Laying Hardwood Floors in Your Home

What Hardwood Floor Material is Best for You?: You want to make sure you take into account the type of wood floors that would best fit your home. The material that is used can span from unfinished wood all the way to prefinished factory planks. You can consult with a professional about the pros and cons of each type of wood. You also want to take into account the amount of traffic you might have in the house to determine how long each type of wood might last.
Wooden Flooring Plank Size: After you know what type of material that you want your hardwood floors to be made out of you can now choose a size. The size of the planks can have a huge impact on the space that is being installed. Some people choose to have large or wide planks in a room that might be small. This will help to make the space look larger. Other people want to use a series of sizes to give the space a more intricate and fascinating look. You can look at all the different types of sizes and what they might mean for your home.
Hardwood Floor Finishes Comparison: You also want to make sure that you decide on the right color and finish for your hardwood floors. There are lots of options that you can choose from when you have a hardwood floor. Some people want to have a classic light wood stain while other want a more dynamic staining that is darker. If you want to go with a modern look then using a grey finish is a great way to accomplish that. You can choose to find a color that blends well with the rest of your home including other wood that is in the house.
Type of Hardwood Floor Installation: When you talk to a professional about having new hardwood floors they will go over the installation options. The options that you have are glued down, nailed down and floating wood floors. They each have different types of installation can be used depending on the sub floors as well as the needs that you have. The professional will be able to come up with the best option for the wood that you chose as well as the space that is being installed.

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