Best Type of Timeless Hardwood Flooring Species for Dining Rooms in Middleburg, VA

Wood floors are ideally installed in dining rooms and this is becoming a growing trend. Hardwood floors boost the elegance of ornate tables and chairs and becomes a part of the classy décor of the room, whether it features a hutch or a China cabinet. Wood floors enhance the dining rooms aesthetics. The floors need to be able to handle crumbs and spills because of the nature of the dining room, especially when they are frequently used as a part of every day meal time. Hardwood floors can prove to be easy to clean and maintain and with their durability, are an asset to any dining room as it provides class and style. Though when compared to other flooring options, some types of wood floors can be a little pricier but with proper care and maintenance, they can last a lifetime, making them a cost-effective investment. With all this in mind, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to expound on wood floors installed in your dining room.

Timeless Hardwood Floors

Solid hardwood floors are a remarkable option for the dining room and can easily allow for a simple transition from other floors in nearby rooms. They easily keep up with the demand of your main-level living areas and are fairly easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, they can resist spills, stains, and scratches with premium protective finishes. For added preventative measures that help avoid gouges and scratches from sliding around, it is recommended that you place felt padding on the legs of chairs and tables. Both unfinished (wood planks that are sanded and finished after installation) and prefinished (the wood floor ready to install) are exceptional options in the dining room. Prefinished options save time, and helps homeowners avoid the mess the sanded dust particles and fumes leave behind.

Account for Hardwood Floor Seasonal Shrinkage

Engineered wood floors is a better option for people that live close to the beach or high-humid climates. The layers in the plywood backing have grain going in alternating directions. When it comes to engineered wood floors, and according to experts, it means they are less susceptible to seasonal swelling and shrinking. Though it isn’t always an option with solid wood flooring, the engineered wood saves additional cost as it can be installed on a concrete subfloor in some cases. However, solid hardwood floors can be refinished more than engineered wood, reducing the lifespan when compared to the two options.

Hardwood Floor Species Guide

When you select the options, the various species you prefer are based on look and style. When it comes to the dining room, the common hardwood species include hickory, maple, oak, cherry and walnut.
Walnut: The sophisticated look is especially enhanced with the deep rich, chocolate tones and large straight grain patterns.
Oak: Available in white and red, this option offers high durability.
Maple: The fine grain pattern and occasional dark streaks are visually striking, and maple provides high durability.
Hickory: As a durable option, this one is best for high-traffic areas and fits will with country or rustic motifs.
Cherry: Great for formal dining rooms and even bedrooms as well as other low-traffic areas, the smooth grain pattern make this wood softer than others, but the warm hues are stunning.

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