Hardwood Flooring Trends in Hayfield, VA; Gray Color, Wire Brushed Finish Texture, Direction, Layout & More

If you are thinking about getting new flooring installed in your home you want to make sure you know all about the latest trends. There are several materials that are used to create the look and the feel that you want in your home. You can choose natural stone, carpet and hardwood to name the most common. The trendiest option this year happens to continue to be hardwood floors. The hardwood floors are something that you can rely on to be a great option in any home. You can also feel confident that they won’t go out of style since they are a long lasting staple in homes for years. Hardwood floors is just the term that is used but the style and choices that you have can be extreme. When you are choosing the right floors for your house it is a good idea to know more about the latest trends. When you choose a trend for your flooring you can feel good about the overall look and feel. Mike’s Custom Flooring outlines the latest hardwood floor trends.

Popular Hardwood Floor Colors

One of the most important aspects of choosing the floors for your house is the color that you want to showcase. The great thing about hardwood is that you have a wide variety of choices. Long ago the options were to go with the color of the wood that you chose and there was not a lot of variation to go with. Now you can have the wood treated and stained to fit what color you think would be best in your home. One of the things you want to take into account are the trends when it comes to color. The best option now is to go for a grey stain on your hardwood floors. This has become a high trend over a few years and is still very common. The other option that is coming back into trend is reclaimed hardwood flooring. This often offers colors that are different variation of colors ranging from brown to gray between the planks and mixed in to make an obscure pattern.

Hardwood Flooring Texture

You might not realize that texture is part of what you have to choose from but it is. The smooth texture is not the only option that you have any more to choose from. There are lots of people that choose to have a smooth finish but there are other options that give you some texture. You can have a wire brushed finish, handscraped or even a distressed option. The trend is that more people are choosing to have a textured finish rather than a smooth and clean finish. It gives the floors some texture and a more natural look as well.

Hardwood Floor Direction & Layout

The next step you need to choose from is the way that the hardwood floors are laid out in the house. You can choose a horizontal, vertical or you can choose a diagonal look as well. There are also people that are choosing to have patterns created with the hardwood planks to create creative patterns as a way to make a statement.

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