How to Tell if Wood Floors Need to Be Refinished in Herndon, VA; Hardwood Floor Buckling, Water Damage & More

Because of the versatility, resale value, beauty and other benefits, many people have hardwood floors in their home. With proper care and maintenance, wood floors, depending on their quality as well, can also play a factor into when the wood floors require refinishing services. With this in mind, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share the signs that the wood floors need to be refinished.

Water Damage on Hardwood Floors

In addition to restoring grazes, scratches, marks and other similar damage, refinishing can often restore water damage. The more extensive the water damage, however, often requires it to be replaced. Water can stay in the lower parts of the wood and continue to warp and rot if not immediately ventilated. The more severe the damage will be, the longer you take to fix this. Water can stay in the lower parts of the wood and continue to warp and rot if not immediately ventilated.

Hardwood Floor Buckling

A most likely sign of water damage is when your hardwood floors start to peel and/or buckle when you walk on them. Noticeable gaps between boards and the floors being unbalanced and rickety are other signs. Once you notice these signs and are able to confirm that it is water damage to avoid further damage or accidents while walking on the hardwood flooring, you need to immediate steps to replace the floor.

Change in Hardwood Floor Design

Your personal tastes can change just like anything else. After a while you may see better and more beautiful designs you would rather have. In most cases, the design is better done through replacing the hardwood floor. However, if you are looking to alter the color, refinishing can likely be the lesser cost to achieve your goal.

Old Wood Floors

Your hardwood flooring is bound to become worn out and be in need of change. Though solid hardwood floors are hardy and long-lasting, they eventually sustain flaws over time and use. When the hardwood floors have the obvious wear, old age often leads to the needs for refinishing.

Hardwood Floor Discoloration

The sun and other elements can cause the hardwood floors to discolor. Where the color may not be obvious, fading can be seen when furniture is moved. No matter how it may have happened, when the hardwood floors experience discoloration, refinishing the floors can restore the color like new.

How Many Times Can You Refinish a Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floors can usually be refinished one or twice, but afterwards, the integrity is too compromised to endure addition refinishing services and will need to be replaced. There are other circumstances that can prevent a refinishing service from being applicable.

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