How are Hardwood Floors Installed in Gore, VA? Acclimating Wood, Preparation of Subfloor & More

If you have chosen hardwood flooring for your home, you have made a beautiful choice. It is a great way to add organic beauty to your space. Before you have your hardwood flooring installed, you may be wondering what the installation process looks like. Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to walk you through the process and what is going to be done to get that hardwood flooring installed.

Acclimating Wood Flooring

The first thing that is going to be done when you are putting hardwood flooring in your home is acclimating the wood. It is important that the hardwood flooring is delivered to your home several days before the flooring is actually installed. You will need to open the boxes of flooring or have the flooring laid somewhere in your home so that it can get acclimated to your home. This is an important step and one that should never be ignored.

Prepare Subfloor for Hardwood Floors

The next thing that needs to be done by either yourself or the pros that are installing your new floor, is to prepare the subfloor. Whatever flooring was in your home will need to be removed. If you had carpet, you need to scrape out the staples that was holding it in place. If you had tile flooring, the process will be much more involved. Removing tile is a dirty and difficult job. If you have tile flooring, it is highly recommended to let the professionals take it out for you. It will be well worth the money.

Installation of Hardwood Floor

There are several aspects to hardwood floor installation that you may not realize if you have never done it yourself before. You need to think about each step to ensure that your hardwood floors are installed correctly.
– Hardwood floors aren’t ever supposed to be installed directly on concrete. There should be a ¾ inch subfloor, and it shouldn’t be installed in a basement because of moisture concerns.
– To figure out how much hardwood flooring you will need, your flooring professional will consider the square footage and add 10 percent extra to that to account for any waste or damaged boards.
– The hardwood floor will be installed with a ¾ inch gap around the edges. This is done so that the wood has the ability to expand if necessary.
– Hardwood planks should run perpendicular to the floor joists because of the weight of them.

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If you have never installed hardwood flooring before, it is highly recommended to leave the installation of your new floor installation up to flooring professionals. At Mike’s Custom Flooring, we have the experience and expertise needed to ensure your hardwood flooring is installed properly so that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Our team of flooring professionals will ensure the job is done right and with precision. Call us today!

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