Cost Savings & Benefits of Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Winchester VA; Less Allergy Flare Ups & Cleaning!

Hardwood floors are quickly becoming the most popular flooring choice for homeowners to choose when it comes to ways to improve the look and feel of their home. Hardwood floors come in many different shades and textures offering homeowners a variety of options to choose from. Hardwood flooring has proven to increase the value of a home, make it more attractive to potential buyers and improve the overall décor of the home. Just like all other flooring options, hardwood flooring requires special care and attention to keep it clean, durable and long lasting.

Traditional Full Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Fully refinishing hardwood floors requires them to be sanded fully. At Mike’s Custom Flooring, we sand the floors three times; each time using a finer and finer grit, until the floor looks like raw hardwood again. From here, we can consult with you on changing the stain color if you desire it. Your choices include going natural with no stain or choosing from a wide variety of stain colors we have readily available, ranging from dark to light and from browns to reds. Next, we apply two to three coats of polyurethane and then buff and screen the floors to smooth them out and scuff up the top layer so that the polyurethane sticks in better. At the conclusion of this process, your floors will look good as new!

Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

As sanding creates dust and the traditional process is so messy as it takes the hardwood down to its core, Mike’s Custom Flooring is proud to offer a “dustless” hardwood floor refinishing option that eliminates most of the dust. We employ a state of the art, specialized machine with a powerful vacuum suction tube that goes straight outside into an effective dust containment system (rather than float around in your home). The negative pressure of the machine takes care of most the dust. This is a fantastic option for those with allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments. And you save on the time and cost of cleaning up all that dust too.

Keep Allergies & Breathing Problems Contained with Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Those who suffer from allergies know that even the smallest amount of dust can trigger an allergic reaction that can include sneezing, coughing and difficulties in breathing. When you choose to go the route of dustless hardwood floor refinishing, you are eliminating the amount of dust that will be floating around throughout your home after the process is complete. After a traditional hardwood floor finishing job, a large amount of dust particles are left to settle in your home, and this can cause issues for those who struggle from existing respiratory problems.

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing & More in Charles Town & Eastern Panhandle of Berkeley & Jefferson Counties in WV | Winchester & Frederick County | Round Hill & Loudoun County | Berryville & Clarke County | Herndon & Fairfax County VA

Just like any other aspect of your home, proper care and attention will add years of life. A hardwood floor that is properly cared for will last years and only get more beautiful throughout the years. If you have hardwood flooring in your home and are contemplating having it refinished, consider dustless hardwood floor finishing from Mike’s Custom Flooring today! Contact us for more information.

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