What Happens to Hardwood Floors in the Winter in Summit Point, WV? How to Keep from Drying Out & More

Being beautiful and durable, hardwood floors are popularly used in homes and businesses alike. Many homeowners know the proper care and maintenance involved with hardwood floors. Though most homeowners are aware of their duties, some are shocked to learn that over the winter, scratches, stains, and cracks can be produced as floors are exposed to winter elements. To keep your flooring in top-notch condition throughout the season, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to offer advice that will help. Below is a guide to maintaining hardwood floors in winter that we highly recommend you follow.

Protect Hardwood Floors from Humidity

To provide you with comfort and lounge in lightweight clothes, it is tempting to crank up the heat in the wintertime. However, this can dry out wood floors and increase the risk of cracking. In order to protect your flooring, maintain temperatures between 66 and 72 degrees. To stay comfortable while at home, use blankets and sweaters if necessary. Run a humidifier throughout the season to inject some moisture back into the air as well.

Clean Salt & Ice from Hardwood Floors

Road salt and ice and can get tracked into your home during the winter. While moisture can wear down the finish if left sitting, salt can scratch wood. With regular and diligent maintenance, you can prevent damage. In order to prevent water from settling into the finish or slipping between planks that leads to terrible damage and potential mold, clean up puddles as soon as you see them. To collect debris and prevent scratches, vacuum or sweep with a soft broom at least once a week. If you use a vacuum, ensure the beater bat is deactivated or use a vacuum designed solely for hard surface flooring.

Is it Bad to Wear Shoes on Hardwood Floors in Winter?

Ensure everyone wipes their shoes before coming inside, have a rule that every family member should wipe off their shoes during winter especially, but all year long would be best. For this purpose, keep a mat at each entryway. If possible, the best solution is having loved ones come into the house through areas that don’t have hardwood flooring, such as a mudroom. Alternatively, before entering, keep a basket or rack for footwear by each door so people can remove their shoes.

What Kind of Mats are Safe for Hardwood Floors?

Helping prevent scratches and stains from excess moisture and road salt, floor coverings catch any debris attached to shoes. Natural rubber is the best overall option for hardwood floors in terms of both safety and performance. Including hallways and living rooms, lay rugs and mats next to entryways and throughout high-traffic areas. Place a skirt around the base to catch any spills if you have a Christmas tree that needs water as well for extra protection.

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